One of the most important things when working out is keeping track of what you're doing. This is much easier in the modern digital world than it used to be.

workout trackerGone are the days of using pen and paper to track your reps and sets, or trying to figure out the distance you've run.

With GPS, Heart rate monitors and online workouts, you can track and analyze every workout you do.

Nowadays, you can simply choose a workout tracker that suits your needs and get started.

Why You Should Use A Workout Tracker

There is a range of different workout tracker apps on the market but the general purpose of them is to help you record the exercises you have completed and provide you with benchmarks.

workout trackerThis gives you something to aim for and improve on, which will help you to feel more positive about your progress and motivate you to do better.

But, as with all these types of products, they are not all created equal!

Some are designed for specific workout sessions while others will guide you through each step of your routine.

You should be careful to consider what you want to track, then check out which trackers can do what you need.

So let's dive in and check out which workout tracker apps will assist you with your workout types?

The 7 Best Workout Tracker Apps

Below, I'm going to show you some of the most recent workout trackers on the market, and how they can help you with particular workouts.

Depending on what metrics they can track, will determine what they are best used for.

I hope I have something here that can help you.

Workout Tracker #1 – Moov Sweat

You should be able to pick this up for under $100 at Amazon or directly from Moov.

workout trackerThe key feature is a headband which monitors your heart rate.

You'll sweat less on your forehead and the skin is thinner increasing the accuracy of this monitor.

The headband is coupled with a watch which monitors your motions.

You'll need to download the app to your phone, its iPhone and Android compatible. But you don't need to have your phone with you!

After you've completed your workout you can check your heart rate, calories burned, after burn, your impact, and a host of other features to ensure you know how you're performing and what you need to beat.

>>Check out the full list of Moov Sweat features here<<

Workout Tracker #2 – Garmin Vivosmart 3

This watch is discreet and monitors your heart rate directly.

workout trackerIt is worth noting that watch based heart rate monitors are not perfect yet.

The Vivosmart 3 can monitor your sleep patterns, provide guided breathing exercises and even track your stress.

But, most importantly it will do the rep counting for you while checking your heart rate and even assessing the oxygen level in your blood.

Price from Amazon or direct from Garmin is $130.

>>Learn more about the Garmin Vivosmart 3<<

Workout Tracker #3 – Fitbit Ionic

This is an excellent offering from Fitbit and well suited to HIIT.

workout trackerIt has the standard heart rate monitor but also provides access to the personal training app developed by Fitbit.

This will give you step-by-step instructions to guide you through your routine.

It will even recommend the right workout for you based on your previous activity.

The number of workouts is currently limited but is set to increase.

More importantly, audio coaching will soon be added to make this a valuable addition to your HIIT routine.

As a market leader, this does come with a significant price tag at $299 from Amazon or Fitbit.

>>Check out the Fitbit Ionic by clicking this link<<

Workout Tracker #4 – Tabata Trainer App

This app, as its name suggests, is designed for use with Tabata training.

You'll find it has 9 Tabata training programs for you or you can add your own.

It is compatible with Apple phones and Androids.

It is set to run the standard Tabata times of 20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest but you can adjust these to suit your own preference.

Of course, as an app it won't allow you to monitor your heart rate or other vitals, but it can be downloaded for just $1.99 and used on your cell phone.

>>Purchase the Tabata Trainer app from iTunes<<

Workout Tracker #5 – Jabra Sport Pulse SE

Jabra has used their initiative and built a heart rate monitor into your headphones.

workout trackerSince you're likely to be wearing headphones anyway, this makes sense.

As well as monitoring your heart-rate, the Jabra Sport Pulse SE can count your reps, time you and connect with a Jabra app to give you guided HIIT routines.

This will cost you $135 from Amazon or Jabra.

>>Learn more about the Jabra Sport Pulse SE, right here<<

Workout Tracker #6 – Polar OH1

The best way of assessing your heart rate is through a chest strap, but if this is not your cup of tea then you might like the option from Polar.

workout trackerThe heart rate monitor goes on either your forearm or upper arm and is supposed to be as accurate as the chest strap.

You can then track your workout from Polar's app or connect to an app of your choosing.

The great thing about the OH1 is that you can add 200 hours worth of workouts to it.

This will guide you through the workout and record all your vital statistics for review later.

>>Check out the features of the Polar Oh1<<

Workout Tracker #7 – Tabata Stopwatch Pro App

As the name says, this app is designed for Tabata and HIIT training.

workout trackerThis app is designed to look after beginners and experts.

The app has the basic Tabata settings as a default option but you can override these with your own requirements.

You'll find excellent support in the form of audio prompts and a beeper system to tell you where you are in your workout.

Of course, you can also add music to help make the workout enjoyable.

>>You can find the Tabata Stopwatch Pro App on iTunes<<

Workout Tracker For Other Exercises

The great thing about a good app is that it will connect to your wearable and give you the best possible information on your progress and health.

These apps are specifically designed for cardio activities such as running and cycling but they are useful:


This GPS enabled tracker workout app will log the distance you've run or cycled, help you to analyze your progress and compare to previous results.

workout trackerIt can even allow you to post and share instantly, allowing others to see your progress and increase your performance through accountability.

The Strava app links to other fitness tracker wearables, such as Garmin and Fitbit devices, so if you use a heart rate monitor on these, the data is transferred to Strava.

I'm active on Strava, so if you'd like to see what I'm doing, follow me at: Stuart Carter – Strava


workout tracker

Run by Under Armour, this app is completely free and will track your running route as well as suggest possible alternatives for you.

As well as monitoring all your activity it can be used to log your food consumption; helping the app to provide a complete picture of your health.

Check out MapMyRun at:

MyFitness Pal

Also from Under Armour, this is a useful app which will track your exercise and diet.

workout tracker

It can then define the calories you need to consume for weight loss, maintenance or even muscle gain.

This will help you to eat healthily and know what you are consuming; the app will even allow you to scan barcodes in order to decide the value of specific items of food.

Go to My Fitness Pal at:

Summary Of Importance Of A Workout Tracker

The best way to record improve and even gain assistance with your workout, whether it's Tabata, HIIT or a marathon is to incorporate an app and a wearable workout tracker.

There are literally hundreds of different products available but the ones listed above are an excellent starting point.

While a wearable might not seem essential to your HIIT it will give you an accurate heart rate while the app talks you through your routine.

This will show whether you are really exerting as much effort as you think you are.

After all, knowing what you have done and what you need to do is the best way to improve your routine, losing fat and building muscle in the process.

A good workout tracker is instrumental in this process.

Make the most out of these trackers, but most of all HAVE FUN!!

Your new friend & health coach,

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