Did you know that heart disease is responsible for 1 in 4 male deaths in America? In fact, many fatalities are not even preceded by symptoms. Getting healthy is one way to reduce your risk of this surprise killer; it’s time to make this a priority.

getting healthyThe main risk factors associated with heart disease are high LDL cholesterol, smoking, and high blood pressure. Half of Americans are reported to be afflicted by at least one of these issues.

There are two types of cholesterol and LDL is not the good one. It builds up on the inside of your artery walls, reducing blood flow.

This increases blood pressure and reduces supplies of this valuable resource to your organs.

There are many things that can affect your level of LDL cholesterol, including diet, exercise, and your gender. Getting healthy is one of the best steps you can take to reduce your risk of falling victim to this dangerous disease.

As your diet is such a big part of getting healthy I would recommend taking a look at our free 1-day meal plan. Better still, try it and see how much better you feel in just one day!
warm up exercises how many calories in a low carb diet

Step 1 – Visualize Your Goal

The facts above are horrifying and should be enough to motivate you into doing something about your health. After all, most men don’t want to die young. But it can be hard to relate your current state of health with the thought of dying prematurely.

man thinking about perfect body

This is why most men suddenly feel the urge to learn about getting healthy once they have a specific reason. This could be an impending special occasion or a natural desire to see your children growing up.

Whatever it is, you need to know that you are not alone. Everyone here at the Fit Father Project has experienced the same emotions and has, or is, successfully changing their lifestyles to ensure they are getting healthy.

You can achieve the same goal but you need to visualize why you want to do this. Focus on your why on the tough days to help get you free. You can even get help from our guide to staying motivated when working out.

Step 2 – Start Eating Healthily

Acknowledging that you need to do something about your lifestyle is the best possible first step. The next is to look at your diet.

healthy eating diet

The Fit father 1-day meal plan will give you a taste of how it is possible to enjoy your food and still eat healthily.

There are many other suggestions that can help you start to eat healthily and plenty of members who are eager to assist you on the right path.

The key things to remember when looking at your diet are:

  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Manage your calorie intake, 300 – 500 less than your required intake will help weight loss.
  • Balance 35% protein with 40% carbohydrates and 25% fat to keep your body healthy.
  • Keep the meals simple.
  • Prepare them in advance.
  • Don’t feel bad about slipping up; simply start again.

warm up exercises how many calories in a low carb diet

Step 3 – Physical Activity is Essential

Of course, while a balanced diet is essential to help you with getting healthy, it is also important to start exercising.  Exercise provides a huge range of health benefits but is also good for boosting your confidence which can help you to stay healthy.

step counter

In fact, any kind of movement which elevates the heart rate will increase the flow of blood around the body, improving the level of nutrients received by your organs.  This will help to build muscle and reduce fat; positive steps towards your goal of getting healthy.

You should start with simple exercises such as walking. These can help you to build a habit which will ensure you keep exercising.

Then progress to formal activities such as running and HIIT. At this point, you can try the Fit Father 24-min workout to test your prowess and really improve your routine.

warm up exercises how many calories in a low carb diet

Step 4 – Vary Your Routine

Exercising regularly is great and an important part of getting healthy. However, exercising the same muscle groups day after day is not the best approach; this is one time when variety is essential to maintain your results.

It is recommended that you allow 48 hours between exercises for the same muscle groups. This gives them time to heal and grow.

To get the most out of your routine it is advisable to undertake 3 full body workouts per week. These can be completed on alternate days with ‘rest’ days in between. You can see how to complete these workouts here.

Step 5 – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Sleep

On a cold morning, it is virtually impossible to drag yourself out of bed just to start training. It can be hard enough to get up in time for work!

man sleeping on couch

The good news is that sleep is actually an important part of getting healthy.

When you sleep, your hormones balance and help your body to heal.

This is essential to ensure you are in peak physical condition when you need to be.

It is recommended that you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night. If you are not getting this already, start now. You might be amazed at the difference it will make.

Step 6 – Keep Hydrated

It seems fairly obvious, but water is one of your best friends. Whether exercising or sitting at your desk, your body is made up of approximately 60% water. This is lost through natural chemical processes and sweating while exercising.


It is important to replace this to allow your body to function efficiently. Drinking water is the easiest way to achieve hydration but you can also gain water from the food you eat, particularly fruits and vegetables.

You should always hydrate before you start exercising to ensuring you're getting healthy and are ready to give 100% to your exercise routine.

Step 7 – Track Your Activity

Long-term commitment to getting healthy can be difficult. There will always be times when you can’t stick to your schedule or you start to think of excuses not to exercise. However, these times are actually very easy to avoid!

Start by logging your activity schedule. You should include what you intend to do and what you actually do.

The difference is noticeable, which will help to ensure you stick to your schedule. Being held accountable, even if just to yourself, can help you stick to a routine and start really getting healthy.


7 simple steps are all it takes to start getting healthy. You will notice the difference in how you feel and even how you look.

laptop-24-min-workout-newBut, the most important thing to remember is that there is all the support and advice you need at your fingertips.

The Fit father Project has plenty of people who have achieved success through their routines and will happily offer advice and support to ensure you achieve your goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you simply want to try the 1-day meal plan and the 24-minute workout for the sake of curiosity or if you have much larger aims. We are all here to help and look forward to you sharing your success.

You can start getting healthy today and inspire others to follow your example, just share your results with us and everyone else you know.

Your new friend & health coach,

stuart-headshotStuart Carter
Head Training Staff, The Fit Father Project

Brotherhood Nickname: “The Fit Brit”
Bragging Rights: 16 Years in the fitness industry, Author of ‘The Easy Fitness Guide', Father of 4 boys and Husband to a Venezuelan beauty.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on getting healthy.