Can Acupuncture & Hypnosis Help With Weight Loss?

Instant gratification has become the norm. If you want virtually anything, then you can order it online and have it delivered the next day. Unfortunately, humans have become used to getting what they want when they want it, this can make it very hard to accept that weight loss takes weeks, months, or even years. In fact, this is why many men turn to acupuncture & hypnosis for weight loss.

acupuncture & hypnosis for weight lossAfter all, anything that makes the process simpler and faster has to be good, doesn't it? In theory, this makes sense, in practice, it’s not this simple. After all, no matter what you do, the basic fact of weight loss is that you need to eat fewer calories than you burn.

But this doesn't mean checking your maintenance calorie amount and then cutting it by 500. That may help you to lose weight, but it won’t necessarily be healthy. You need to consider the food you are eating, 200 calories of chocolate cake are absorbed very differently by your body than 200 calories of nuts.

Losing weight by eating junk food is possible but doubtful. Plus you won’t get the health benefits and will be more likely to feel fatigued and depressed.

The good news is that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off, just speak to these members of the FF30X for inspiration. If they can do it, so can you, regardless of the method you decide to use.

How To Lose Weight With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the science of putting needles into your body. This practice originated in China approximately 8,000 years ago! In the beginning, sharp stones and bones were used instead of needles, but the theory is the same as today, the punctures direct the flow of energy in your body to achieve specific results.

acupuncture and weight lossAcupuncture works on the theory that the energy in your body moves through 14 meridians; these are roughly the same, but not identical, to your organs. The idea is that blockages in the energy flow (or “qi”), create health imbalances which create health issues; obesity is one of these issues.

Studies have shown that it can help with pain relief and even stroke rehabilitation. But, there are very few studies on its link with weight loss.

In the case of weight loss, an acupuncture practitioner will look to stimulate nerve and hormone balance while reducing water retention. They may also use a process known as ear stapling to help control food cravings.

walking a dog acupuncture & weight lossOne study showed that ear acupuncture, combined with a 2,000 calorie diet and a 15-minute walk, resulted in half the test group losing an average of 10 pounds. Those who didn't have acupuncture lost an average of 3 pounds.

Of course, a 2,000 calorie diet and the 15 minutes of exercise is enough to start your weight loss journey by itself. You may be left wondering if the acupuncture contributed or not.

It may be important to note that the side effects of acupuncture can include fatigue, muscle spasms, and general soreness. These ailments won’t help you to increase your exercise regime or eat more healthily.

Can Hypnosis Be Effective For Weight Loss?

Hypnosis has been linked with magic and medicine over the years. In fact, it is first known to have been practiced approximately 1550 B.C. The interesting thing is that hypnosis seems to occur in all ancient cultures.

hypnosis and weight lossIt’s important to be aware that hypnosis is not the same as being sent to sleep. It relaxes your mind and body, making you more open to a suggestion without actually sending you to sleep.  Imagery and post-hypnotic suggestions are made to affect the necessary changes.

Modern hypnosis for weight loss involves an expert tapping into your unconscious barriers, such as overeating and overindulgence. The removal of these barriers and their links to specific feelings should prevent you from turning to food in stressful and emotional situations.

In particular, hypnosis can help to identify patterns when you start a new diet and then stop it a few weeks later. This can create a subconscious pattern which affects your ability to complete any diet. Hypnosis delves into your subconscious mind and removes these patterns, allowing you to complete your diet and achieve the weight loss you desire.

Unfortunately, while there have been several studies regarding hypnosis and weight loss, many of them are poor quality and leave us with the question of whether this is a viable option.

Alternative Approaches To Weight Loss

Acupuncture & hypnosis for weight loss are not the only alternative therapies on offer. Holistic treatments are slowly becoming more mainstream, allowing a variety of different treatment options to be suggested.


This is actually very similar to acupuncture, but no needles are used. Instead, the pressure is placed on specific points to stimulate energy flow and remove blockages in your system. A finger is usually enough to provide the necessary pressure.

Unfortunately, this method also needs more research to confirm it is as effective as hoped.


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian approach to medicine and healing. It focuses on the importance of integrating your body, mind, and spirit. However, no approach is the same because no two individuals are alike.

You’ll be given a specialized diet, massage and even a selection of herbal remedies to help your body re-balance and you to lose weight. These can include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and drinking lemon and hot water; which is supposed to stimulate your digestion.

Again, the real issue is that, despite the success stories, there has been no real research into the link between Ayurveda and weight loss.

Natural Supplements

Another approach is to use natural weight loss supplements. Any pill or powder which has dietary ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids or minerals can be called a natural supplement.

supplements acupuncture and weight lossThe idea is that the supplement will help to suppress your hunger while making sure you have all the basic nutrients you need.

Again research is limited regarding the effectiveness of these supplements. It is important to note that it is hard to do an effective study as these are supposed to be part of your weight loss process and not a solution in themselves.

In fact, you’re more likely to get the desired result if you drink green tea, eat dairy products and use a calcium supplement.


Cryotherapy involves standing in a tank for between 2 and 4 minutes. The temperature in the tank is as cold as -250°F; in other words cold enough to kill you if you stay in there too long.

The benefits are supposedly due to your body reacting to the cold. You will produce more brown fat cells which increase your metabolism, burn more fat and help you to stay warm. It’s also said to boost your metabolism, relax sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

For improved weight loss, the cold makes your body burn more calories in order to stay warm; the facilities offering this claim it can help you to burn 800 calories in 4 minutes.

This isn't that new. The first instance of cryotherapy was in Japan in the 1970s, when it was used to treat multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

There is currently no evidence to back up these claims, making it an expensive and potentially risky way to lose weight.

Consider Your Lifestyle First

You want to lose weight, and you’ve tried numerous methods, perhaps even with some success.

Unfortunately, like so many men, at some point, your circumstances change, and you can no longer keep up the routine.

diet plan for menThat’s why you try different techniques, diets and even look at acupuncture & hypnosis for weight loss.

But, the simple fact remains, to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than your maintenance amount. The above alternatives may help you to get into and keep the right mindset, but it doesn't have to be that complicated.

If you really want to lose weight then simply make one small change at a time. The best place to start is with your diet. By changing what you eat and how you eat you’ll notice a huge difference in your weight and health.

Drink a glass of water before you eat and whenever you feel like snacking.

This simple tip can help you to distinguish between genuine hunger and eating habits. The water will also keep you fuller, preventing snacking while revitalizing the cells in your body.

Discover the perfect plate approach to food.

perfect plate The 3 Essential Components of a Weight Loss Plan for MenThis requires you to fill your plate with ½ vegetables, ¼ protein, and ¼ carbohydrates. It’s easy to do with our free menus and will ensure you’re having a balanced diet.

Prepare your meals in advance.

This is a step from adopting the perfect plate approach to your food. It simply means taking the time twice a week to prepare food that you can eat throughout the week. By preparing it in advance, you’ll always have something healthy to eat, no matter how stressed or rushed you are.

Remove tempting foods from your home.

This is a staple of most diet plans, but it’s also a good lifestyle approach. You can’t eat unhealthy foods if you don’t keep them at home. Of course, most foods are acceptable in moderation. You can always split a packet of snacks, such as nuts, into acceptable portion sizes. This will reduce the chances of you overindulging.

Get more sleep.

man sleeping healthy lifestyle improves mental claritySleep is essential; it allows your hormones to balance, decreases hunger and increases your feeling of being full. The average man needs between 6 and 8 hours sleep every night, start planning your bedtime to ensure you get this.

Add in exercise.

Finally, what you eat is the largest part of the battle, but a little exercise will help your weight loss goals and improve your overall health.

But, you don’t need to start by running a marathon! Regular exercise means blocking out a short period of time, such as 30 minutes and then being active. This can just be walking the dog; anything that gets you moving will help.

Intermittent Fasting Can Be A Great Stepping Stone

intermittent fasting abs over 40It’s important to consider intermittent fasting as part of your approach to losing weight. This can be a really useful weapon in your weight loss battle; especially if you are struggling to make all the necessary changes.

Intermittent fasting means eating just 500 calories on two days of the week, (not consecutive days). Ideally, you won’t eat from when you wake up until the evening. However, if you feel weird during the day, you can have a small, low-calorie snack.

The idea is that by depriving your body of food, you’ll enter a state of ketosis. This is when your body burns fat to power your muscles instead of sugar. You’ll increase your fat burning rate and reduce your weight without undue stress; it’s worth considering.

Stick to Proven Methods

You're welcome to try acupuncture & hypnosis for weight loss, but with the limited research to back up the effectiveness of these approaches, you may find it more beneficial to keep things simple.

Join FF30X today to gain access to hundreds of healthy eating ideas and exercises and get on the path to a new you. FF30X is full of thousands of other men who are completing their own weight loss journey. Their support can help you achieve your own goals.

But, most importantly, this approach allows you to make small, but manageable, changes to your life that is sustainable for years to come. You won’t be starting a fad diet or trying acupuncture & hypnosis for weight loss. You’ll be adapting your lifestyle to become the man you want to be. That’s the man that you know you can be.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on acupuncture and weight loss.