Drinking more water is one of the easiest lifestyle changes that you can make!

best flavored water

Whether you're trying to lose weight, clear up your skin, or just improve your overall health, water is your elixir.

Drinking water throughout the day and especially right before meals can reduce your appetite, lower your caloric intake and replace sugary drinks.

All that sounds great, but many of us need an additional “push” to start chugging liters of flavorless water each day.

Read on for some the best-flavored water recipes that can motivate you to drink your water intake!

Best Flavored Water Recipe: Strawberry Basil

This strawberry basil flavored water is so good, it could be a cocktail.

best flavored water

But when you're working on your water intake from 9 to 5, this fruity, herbal blend can really help you get through the day.

Strawberry basil water is refreshing, summery, and doggone easy to drink a lot of.

And hey, go ahead and throw some gin or vodka in the mix after 5 o'clock.

If you've drunk upwards of 2 liters of water during the day, you've earned it!

Best Flavored Water Recipe: Apple Cinnamon

If you're trying to hold onto the memory of fall as long as you can, this is the flavored water for you.

best flavored water

Apple cinnamon flavored water is a sweet, yet slightly spicy, way to conquer your water intake.

Let the combination mull overnight to ensure that your water is as flavorful as it can be.

But be careful– if you let onto how delicious this recipe is, your spouse and kids will all be begging you to drink some!

Best Flavored Water Recipe: Tomato-Celery

Any of you guys not a huge fan of fruit?

best flavored water

Well not to get too technical with you — tomato is a fruit.

But this tomato-celery flavored water is pretty different from all the fruity recipes we usually think of when it comes to flavored water.

Not only is this flavored water unique, but tomatoes are a great source of potassium, vitamin K, folate and vitamin C

Be sure to strain this water for stray tomato pieces before taking a swig.

Best Flavored Water Recipe: Lemon Ginger

best flavored water

Lemon and ginger are both strong flavors that have been relied on for years to calm stomachs.

In fact, many people have made a ritual of drinking lemon ginger water, or tea, every morning to kickstart their digestive system.

You can drink this concoction as a tea in the morning or as water throughout the day.

Note that you should dilute the lemon and ginger with more water if you intend on drinking it as your water intake.

Drink The Rainbow

Not only are flavored waters fun, but they're good for you!

best flavored water

Each of these recipes gives you the benefit of drinking more water, but also the benefit of their ingredients.

Keep a water journal, or even download an app, to track your progress drinking water.

From our experience, we think you'll be surprised at how much more water you drink when it tastes delicious.

There are so many health benefits that come along with an increased water intake.

One of the best benefits is losing weight!

Learn how to channel your water intake to going down notches in your belt.

You'll be happy you did!

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