How Joining a Community Transforms Your Fitness Success

Answer this:

How much faster do you run when your friend is on the treadmill next to you? How many more reps can you do when your friend is monitoring your PR? How much harder is it to skip the gym when your buds are expecting to see you there?

fitness communityI'm sure you see what we're getting at!

If you've already got your diet and exercise routine down pat, a sense of community could be the missing piece to your success.

Having a gym buddy or fitness community is one of the best ways to motivate yourself!

From picking you up when you're down, helping you identify obstacles and keeping you accountable for your goals, everyone can benefit from a community.

What a Fitness Community Looks Like

fitness communityCommunities are all around us. At work, in our neighborhoods, and yes, at our gyms!

At its core, a community is where you can build relationships with others, share experiences, goals and challenges.

Communities are central to the human experience!

No city could run without one, no workplace would be cohesive without one, and no gym would keep any members without one.

Even if you're an extreme introvert, having close ties with people is important for your happiness and success. It's just how we're wired.

Specifically for fitness, a sense community can come from in many forms: group fitness classes, personal trainers, a gym buddy, or online support.

The Importance of Community

fitness communityYou may be thinking that just because a community exists, doesn't mean you need to join it.

But the reality is, community is the key to building your fitness motivation.

When heading to the gym by yourself, it's really easy to let that sore ankle prevent you from working out to your fullest, or your tiredness slow you down, or your laziness let you skip the gym altogether.

But these are all the things that a fitness community prevents!

A trainer would be able to show you exercises that would keep you off your ankle but still sweating. A gym buddy would help you snap out of your tired funk. And the personalities from your group fitness class would keep you from wanting to miss class altogether.

Fitness communities can prevent you from feeling like a failure when your progress is slow and be part of your reason for moving past your slumps.

Just having someone cheering on your last set can make all the difference.

A good trainer will give you a program that allows you to succeed early on. You’ll see measurable gains, becoming more confident as you go. People quit when they feel they’re failing. Some arrive feeling inadequate; others with inflated expectations. Your trainer and teammates can be your reality check.

Achieve Your Goals through Community Support

fitness communityIf you've never had a community or even and individual supporting your fitness goals, you have such an opportunity in front of you.

It's one thing to set goals for yourself and do your best to achieve them, but it's another to have people encouraging you along the way and challenging you to do better.

Try one of these out the next time you hit the gym or a fitness class and see what difference it makes.

  • Sign up for a personal trainer, even if it's just a trial
  • Try a group fitness class and stay dedicated for a month
  • Find a coworker or friendly gym member to spot you or be your running mate
  • Challenge your spouse to see who can hit the gym more in a week
  • Become an active poster in online fitness groups to track your progress

All of these steps, however little they may seem, are a step towards being accountable for your fitness goals.

The second you involve another person in your success, you become more likely to achieve it.
fit father for life

Find Your Community

This sense of community and team-based growth is something that we've intentionally fostered at the Fit Father Project.

fitness communityWe've had our trainers focused on disseminating useful information to all of our members and even helping them on an individual basis, depending on their needs.

Our trainers and members both know that the Fit Father Project is a safe space.

From successes and failures shared, we all find a connection with each other.

If you've been with FFP for awhile, it may be time for you to explore our higher-level programming with FF4L.

FF4L gives you access to our entire program library, ensuring that you have support and the right information at every step of your health journey.

Don't hesitate to reach out and learn more!

We are dedicated to making sure our community is growing and thriving.

Your friend in health,

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