This diet plan for men really works! How many times have you heard this and be disappointed by the results? The problem is that are hundreds of ‘experts’ offering their diet plan for men, none of the plans are the same leaving you to find the right one by trial and error.

diet plan for menFortunately, this doesn't have to be the case. Instead of picking a diet plan it’s time to understand how the diet plan for men works. This will allow you to improve your diet, lose weight and perhaps even build some muscle.

The real secret is that you don’t need a diet plan for men!

What you actually need is to change the way you look at food and build a healthy eating habit that will last you for life. Take a look at this 1-day meal plan to see how eating can still be fun as well as healthier for you.

How to Choose a Diet Plan For Men

The first thing you need to do is move away from the concept of a diet. These are generally techniques that change the way you eat for a set period of time.

diet plan for menUnfortunately, many people who lose weight simply put it back on after they've finished their diet plan. The reason is that these people return to their old ways of eating. In short, diets are not sustainable for the long term.

When choosing a diet plan for men you need to consider the foods you like to eat and change your eating habits. This will allow you to adapt your outlook on food and eat healthier for life. You are not taking on a fad diet, but changing the way you eat for life.

It’s a relatively small but essential distinction. You need to be looking at a healthier way of eating for life. This will allow you to lose weight, improve your health, ward off age-related diseases, and even build muscle.

Here are a few of the more popular diets:


This is also known as the caveman diet. All you can eat is what cavemen would have eaten, which means no dairy or processed foods. Meat, fruit, nuts, and vegetables are pretty much it.

how to make dieting easier - slow carbs

You’ll find this a good diet for boosting protein and avoiding the chemicals that are in processed foods. However, you’ll probably find that it's hard to sustain, if only because of the number of temptations in the modern world.

Low Carb Diets

In contrast, the low carb diet allows you to eat modern foods, but it encourages meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.

Unfortunately, eating low carbs may reduce your energy levels, and you're also likely to find the meals to be boring. It’s hard to cut out carbs completely.

Adopt a Fresh Approach Today for Real Results

Instead of focusing on all the things you can eat or even those that you can’t you can change your approach to food and still consume virtually anything without having to count the calories or points in a specific food.

diet plan for menYou may ask how? It’s simple; you need to adopt the perfect plate approach to food. In short, you want to split every plate of food you eat into 3 sections:

  • ½ vegetables
  • ¼ protein (eggs, chicken, seafood, oats, Greek yogurt, almonds, cheese, milk, etc.)
  • ¼ carbohydrates (bread, rice, crackers, cereal, sweet potatoes, yams, etc.)

You will get the nutrients you need to stay healthy, the carbohydrates you need for energy and the proteins that are so essential for cell repair.

It may seem ridiculously simple, but the best diet plan for men is that easy. Change the way you view your food, and you can enjoy eating while losing weight and staying healthy.

Additional Tips to Make Your New Diet Plan for Men More Effective

These tips will make it easier to adapt the way you approach food.

Meal Prepping

diet plan for menOnce you realize that creating a healthy meal involves a medium-sized plate filled according to the perfect plate principles, you’ll quickly see that it is possible to eat healthy even when you have little time available.

To make this process even easier you can prepare your meals in advance; it should take no more than an hour or two twice a week. The result is healthy food available in a few moments whenever you need it.

Intermittent Fasting

If you’re looking to lose weight and want to give your body a boost, then you can try intermittent fasting. All you need to do is use the perfect plate approach for 5 days a week and for two days, (preferably not consecutive), you limit your food intake.

A complete absence of food is not necessary; you simply limit your calorie intake to approximately 500. During this period your body will burn ketones instead of carbs. These are created by breaking down the fat cells in your body, so you’ll be burning more fat!


An essential element of any change to your eating habits and your attempts to build a healthier lifestyle is to get the right support.  Ideally, your family will be aware and will help you to stick to your new eating habits.

But, you can also find support from the Fit Father Project where there are hundreds of suggested recipes, exercises, and the free 1-day meal plan. You can even talk with other men who are working towards the same goals as you or hear the stories of those who have already achieved success.

Extra Tips to Ensure Your Success

As you age, you may notice that you start to lose muscle as well as gaining fat. This is seen as part of aging, but it doesn't have to be.  It is possible to gain muscle and burn the fat, all you need is the right diet plan for men, some simple exercises and a boost in your testosterone levels.

man doing dips diet plan for menBoosting testosterone is also something that can be done through the food you eat; you don’t need a testosterone booster! Add in a simple home workout, and you’ll burn more fat and build muscle. It’s worth noting that muscle burns as much as 5 times the number of calories that body fat does, that’s going to help you achieve the results you want from your diet plan for men.

If you’re ready to discover the new you start incorporating these techniques into your daily routines today. Make the changes gradually, and your diet plan for men will simply become a lifestyle which can be sustained indefinitely.

Just like me, you can lose weight and still enjoy your food!

Your new friend & health coach,

stuart-headshotStuart Carter
Head Training Staff, The Fit Father Project

Brotherhood Nickname: “The Fit Brit”
Bragging Rights: 16 Years in the fitness industry, Author of ‘The Easy Fitness Guide', Father of 4 boys and Husband to a Venezuelan beauty.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on creating a diet plan for men.