There comes a time in every man’s life when they know it’s time to drop a few pounds. The problem is deciding which of all the diet plans for men should you choose?

man grocery shopping diet plans for menLosing weight is, in theory, very simple. You discover your maintenance calories and then eat less than this. Exercise can help you to get healthier and stronger, but it’s not actually essential to losing weight. In fact, studies suggest weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

But you want results! How do you choose a diet? You don’t want to be wasting your time on diet plans for men without results when you could be really achieving something. Fortunately, it is possible to change your eating habits by using something as simple as this 1-day meal plan. You may even find it’s more effective than all the following diets.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular diet plans for men and what they can really offer you.


The keto diet focuses on eating very few carbs. The theory behind this is that your body will start to burn the fat in your body. This process is known as ketosis. You’ll need to eat less than 40g of carbs per day.

diet plans for menIn effect, ketones are produced in the liver from fat already stored in your body. This can then be used as an energy source instead of the traditional glucose in your blood which is supplied by sugars in carbohydrates.

In theory, this diet can be continued for the long term however it is not good for anyone who is taking medication for diabetes, has high blood pressure or is breastfeeding (although the last one of these shouldn't be an issue for most men!).

Perhaps of more concern is the fact that it is common to feel sluggish on a keto diet as your brain needs the instant hit of energy from sugar. It is also common not to cut calories, leaving you potentially consuming more food than you need.


Paleo diet plans for men are often referred to as caveman diets as they mimic the eating style of our ancient ancestors.

paleo pyramid caveman diet plans for menIn essence, you’ll be eating meat, nuts, fruit, and vegetables, just as caveman did and they were strong!

This type of diet will be high in nutrition which makes it potentially one of the best diet plans for men. But, it does tend to avoid dairy.

It also will help you to feel full between meals as you’ll be eating plenty of protein and fat. You’ll also notice that you move away from processed foods and eat more organic products.

However, the caveman or paleo diet is restrictive in the types of food you can eat. This can make it very difficult to sustain in the long term.

You may also find that you are low on calcium due to avoiding dairy.

Perhaps of greater concern is that this type of diet is generally expensive.


Unsurprisingly this diet focuses on eating meat. In many ways, it is similar to the caveman and the paleo diets. The difference is that if you’re going to adopt this diet properly, you’ll be eating just meat and nothing else.

steak diet plans for menThe theory is that meat is nutrient rich and high in calories; giving you all the energy you need to achieve anything. It also reduces the need for your body to deal with breaking down complex substances such as plants. This could improve your gut health.

But, and there is always a but! Meat is no longer the same substance as if you’d caught it caveman style. Factory farmed animals are subject to a number of issues. There are pesticides and fertilizers in the ground that soak into the food supply of animals. There are also chemicals used in preparing the meat for sale, in order to preserve it, and of course, there are ethical concerns as well.

But the most concerning factor of the carnivore diet is the lack of carbs, which should be zero. Again your body will go into ketosis, and you’ll have no calorie counting requirements.

This makes it easy to overeat and difficult to sustain the diet long-term, as eating just meat can become tedious.


In contrast, you could opt for the vegan diet plans for men. This type of diet ensures you don’t eat any meat. Instead, you'll be surviving on things that are produced by nature. You are not allowed to eat any living creature or food that comes from a living creature.

vegetables diet plans for menBy cutting out meat and all other animal-based products, you’ll be dramatically cutting your calorie count and have the potential to lose weight fast.

Unfortunately, this process can happen so fast that it is common for men on this type of diet plan to feel hungrier than normal and eat foods that are unwise and unhealthy; actually increasing weight gain.

In addition, there are some nutrients that you will not get if you go vegan. These include B-12, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Over a period of time, this can result in loss of muscle and bone mass.

You may also find the diet very restrictive.


Many people started the vegetarian diet as a protest against the treatment of animals for consumptions.

diet plans for menOn this type of diet, you are able to consume animal products such as dairy as long as the animal is not harmed in the process of obtaining the food.  Of course, meat is still a no-no.

This does mean you’ll have a better choice of food and more nutrients. But, you’ll still be missing vitamin B-12, which is essential for a healthy nervous and digestive system. You may also find you’re low on iron, and it’s generally harder to lose weight.


This example of diet plans for men focuses on the foods that are traditionally eaten in the Mediterranean. It consists of mainly plant-based foods including legumes, nuts, whole grains, and fruit. Butter is generally replaced with healthy fats like olive oil, and salt is avoided.

Mediterranean food diet plans for menFish and poultry are eaten roughly twice a week while red meat is only a few times a month. Red wine is also drunk in moderation and exercise is advised.

In essence, the Mediterranean diet is generally a healthier approach to eating and a sustainable way of eating.

However, if you don’t live in the Mediterranean, you may find that the ingredients in this type of diet are more expensive than other local options.

Evidence & the Solution

The real issue with the majority of these diets is the lack of credible research to give you a definitive answer to the best diet plans for men.

family eating diet plans for menWith perhaps the exception of the Mediterranean diet, all of these diets have research that shows they are both fantastic and bad for your health.

But in truth, they are all restrictive and will be difficult to sustain for the long term. That’s the reason why so many people lose weight and then put it back on.

The secret to successful diet plans for men is actually to change your approach to eating. It’s time you tested the 1 day meal plan and adopted a simple approach to food.

The Perfect Plate method is an easy way to balance your intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. All of which are needed to maintain a healthy body.

Moderation is the key to a healthy diet that will help you to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Check out these guys who have achieved fantastic results with the FF30X program.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on diet plans for men.