Can regular exercise and a balanced diet reduce mental stress?

Out of all the pushups, burpees, bicep curls and bench presses you've done over the years, how many times have you been focused on flexing your mental muscles?

Even if you weren't aware of it, every time you go to the gym or just jog around your block, you are strengthening your mental health as much as your physical health.

Many of us don't realize how intrinsically linked our mental and physical health is.

reduce mental stress

It seems that a lot of the fitness crazes that just focus on cutting or bulking forget about this fact as well.

But as we age, nurturing our mental health and reducing mental stress becomes increasingly important.

There are so many responsibilities weighing on us — bills, serious jobs, children — that it seems impossible to be stress-free.

But did you know that a simple workout plan can seriously reduce mental stress levels while increasing your physical fitness as well?

Learn the top three mental health benefits you can have by first focusing on your physical health.

Exercise to Reduce Mental Stress and Regain Confidence

Ah. The puffed chests and confident swagger of our “glory days.”

reduce mental stress

Don't we all have a twinge (or jolt) of nostalgia for those times? When we had ample time for exercise and our muscles bulked easily…

Well sirs, your “glory days” aren't in the past. Your mentality just is.

You can rewire your mental state and regain the confidence you once had by integrating simple workouts into your schedule.

Short intense workouts are a great way to integrate a quick workout into your morning routine.

Coupled with a sustained 5 minutes of meditating on the day you have before you, you have the recipe to feel more in control and confident about your body and schedule.

Exercise to Reduce Mental Stress and Reclaim Energy

The more you ask from your body, the more you will receive from it.

reduce mental stress

Over the years, you may have noticed a decline in your energy levels. Probably somewhere along your first big job, your first kid, or just turning 40.

But what you may not have noticed are all of the little things that YOU'VE done to decrease your energy levels even further.

Think about it. Have you stopped eating an energizing breakfast? Has your regenerative sleeping schedule gone to the dogs? Have you ignored belly fat that is slowing you down?

You can become more energized simply by exercising and eating right.

By changing up your exercise routine and your diet, your body will respond by generating enough energy for you to step up to the challenge.

Exercise to Reduce Mental Stress and Achieve Your Goals

Achieving your goals looks the same when you're conquering physical challenges or mental challenges.

reduce mental stress

In both cases, succeeded at your goals requires dedication and clear motivation.

When you learn how to balance your physical well-being and your mental wellbeing, you will find that you are more successful in both areas.

Whether you're planning ahead with meal prepping, or you're waking up early to journal or meditate each morning, you're setting yourself up for success.

Each “win” will motivate you to achieve another. It's cyclical in the best way possible.

Revitalize Your Physical and Mental Health Today

The reasons to alter your mental and physical habits are undeniable. From increased confidence and energy to continue to achieve your goals, you have every reason to start the process today.

All you need now is a plan– one that nurtures both your mental and physical self.

One that provides a healthy diet so that your body has what it needs to perform. One that provides a realistic exercise routine that can make you feel physically confident again. And one that provides support and motivation for you to conquer your goals.

That program DOES exist!reduce mental stress

The FF30X program is a comprehensive, 30-day health program that provides personalized support on your diet and fitness and was specifically designed for fathers over 40.

FF30X takes fathers like you through the process of setting fitness goals and working to achieve them. It is truly a transformative process.

If you want to regain the confidence, energy and goal-crushing aura of your youth, reach out to us and ask about FF30x today.

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A small note about research cited in this article:
*Always remember: weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual. Just because these studies cite certain data does not mean you will experience these results. Always consult with your doctor before making decisions about your health. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info into whether exercise can help reduce mental stress.