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FF30X is the #1 Sustainable Fitness Plan for Dads 40+ With the most long-term results of any program online.

NORMALLY: $39/mo


Includes 2-Week FREE Trial to our Complete Fit Father Membership
Continue for just $39/mo. Cancel anytime.

Includes 2-Week FREE Trial to  Fit Father Membership Continue for just $39/mo. Cancel anytime.

Includes: Meal plan, Workouts, Accountability, Mobile App, & FFP Community

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Busy Dads 40+

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I started at a weight of 217.5 lbs and 33% body fat. I am now at 183.8 lbs and looking almost as good as I did when I was 20 years old in the army. I feel fantastic!

I never thought I would see my abs again! On top of losing almost 40 lbs I have so much energy now. My self-confidence is back. All I did was follow the program and I got great results.

Chris C.

34 lbs lost in 6 months

“I am now weighing in at 177 lbs… WOW! I started this crazy journey in March at 257 lbs… How is this possible? FF30X and the awesome brotherhood and crew associated with this program! I can’t thank you enough for literally changing my life!!!

Sergio P.

80 lbs lost in 7 months

“This program has radically changed everything about me. I lost 22 lbs in the first 30 days, then shortly thereafter surpassed my goal and lost over 40 lbs. My energy level is through the roof and my wife can’t stop commenting on the transformation my body has undergone.”

Don S.

40 lbs lost in 3 months

“Saying ‘I am happy’ with my results would be a huge understatement. When I started FF30X I was 27% body fat. I had tried other weight loss programs but the results never lasted, so I kept looking. I lost 22 lbs and dropped my body fat 8%. Since starting the program I feel good again. I have energy and motivation. I feel limber. And I am no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off.” 

Ralph M.

Lost 22 lbs in 3 months

FF30X has been a life changing experience for me. January 19th through July 19th, I lost 40 pounds and I have maintained that since!

This program definitely changed my life. Being physically fit and healthy affects every aspect of your life positively. I started the program to lose some weight and get in shape. In retrospect I now see it as a journey of mental and physical renewal. I have become stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Josh M.

40 lbs lost in 6 months

“I went from 361.6 to 210.7 in about 10 months. Not only does FF30X work, it is so much more sustainable than anything else I've tried. The knowledge, tools, and support I have gained from the FFP has given me the confidence that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle the rest of my life. It has also taken the pressure off of me that I have to be perfect. It's broken the all or nothing mindset I had in the past.

Brian D.

150 lbs lost in 10 months

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Discover the best workouts designed for Men 40+ to improve your strength, fat loss, cardio, and flexibility.
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Daily Accountability & Expert Support
When you join today, you get full support from our expert team of personal trainers, doctors, & coaches.
You get instant access inside the FF30X Program & App.
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Do you want more discipline, willpower, and motivation? This guide is your answer. You’ll discover the latest secrets from neuroscience & performance psychology to help you experience 10x more energy, motivation, & drive.

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BONUS BUNDLE:  2-Weeks of FREE Access to the Complete Fit Father for Life Membership

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You get a 2-Week FREE Trial. Membership is $39/mo. Cancel anytime.



Fit Father 30X: #1 Health & Fitness Kickstart for Dads 40+. Designed to get you incredible results in just 30 days… with habits built to last a lifetime.

NORMALLY: $39/mo


*PLUS you get $100 Bonus Bundle too!

NORMALLY: $39/mo


*PLUS you get $100 Bonus Bundle too!

Includes 2-Week FREE Trial to our Complete Fit Father Membership
Continue for just $39/mo. Cancel anytime.

Here’s Everything You
Get Inside FF30X:


NORMALLY: $39/mo


Includes 14-Day FREE Trial to our Complete Fit Father Membership
Continue for just $39/mo. Cancel anytime.

Get Result Like These Guys 40+

It's a lifestyle change and that was the mindset I went in with, rather than, “I need to diet for a month, and I'm going to lose this much weight.” I started at 232.6 lbs and was on meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, and acid reflux. I am incredibly thankful to be sustaining at 189 lbs, my body fat is just above 14%, and I'm off all my meds now.

Martin R.

44 lbs lost in 5 months

“I didn't want a quick fix; I wanted something that would empower me to make lasting improvements. And that's what I got with the Fit Father Project.”

“Having a structured workout plan that aligned with my goals made all the difference. I didn't have to spend hours in the gym; the program optimized my time and ensured I was making progress.”

Keith V.

50 lbs lost in 12 months

I can mountain bike and go hiking with my kids for several miles, even if I have to carry my youngest in my backpack. I sleep better and my waist has gone from 42.5” to 36”. I am in great shape, both strength and condition-wise now.

Cliff J.

60 lbs lost in 7 months

FFP has given me my life back! I lost a whopping 90 lbs. I lost 22 in the first month, 20 in month two, and 18 in month three. So, my goal of losing 60 lbs in six months was met in just three months. Plus, my blood pressure came down to 143/86, triglycerides from 216 to 88, and glucose dropped from 142 to 98.

Jessie L.

90 lbs lost in 9 months 

My life has changed immeasurably. Above all, my own self-image and confidence are much improved. This has led to positive changes in my marriage. I have so much energy. My health has improved. I sleep better. I have no back pain. I no longer have hypertension. I don’t suffer from headaches anymore.

Christopher L.

85 lbs lost in 8 months

I lost 24 pounds in my first 30 days. I could hardly believe it. My perspective really started to change. I was starting to smile again. It was like having a huge burden lifted off of me. And I was starting to recognize that this program was really working. Within two weeks, just with the nutrition, I was starting to feel changes happening in my body.

Mark L.

40 lbs lost in 7 months

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Get FF30X Kickstart Program

Get FF30X Kickstart Program

NORMALLY: $39/mo

Today: FREE


FF30X hands you everything you need:

Includes 14-Day FREE Trial to our Complete Fit Father Membership
Continue for just $39/mo. Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

No. You can start whenever you’re ready. Your 30 days FREE access to the Fit Father For Life membership and app will start from your purchase date, but you will have access to the FF30X program for as long as your membership is active.

Your membership will auto renew on day 30, so you don’t need to do anything to keep your access going.

This FF30X Kickstart trial gives you our foundational Fit Father Meal Plan, first phase of workouts, and accountability coaching. You can use what you learn in this program to stay healthy for the rest of your life. We have many members who use this Kickstart for months to lose 50+lbs. Today, with this trial, you also get FREE access to our complete Fit Father For Life Membership. This Membership gives you all our advanced fat loss, muscle building, and bonus programs. Once you have completed your trial, you can continue with FF30X and our advanced programs inside this membership for $39 per month, or you can cancel at any time.

If you continue your membership, you will keep access to the FF30X Kickstart in addition to all advanced programs in our library, so you can choose to move on to the other phases of the FF30X weight loss series, try out our Old School Muscle programs, or make use of any other programs that are included. 

The amount of weight you can lose on the FF30X program is completely dependent on your own efforts throughout the 30-days, how much weight you have to lose overall, and other factors. Many guys who follow the meal plan and workouts have lost around 10 lbs in their first 30 days.

As everyone is different, we are unable to make absolute guarantees of how much you will lose. Results will always differ by the individual, but we suggest around 10 lbs based on historical averages. Many guys have gone on to lose over 100 lbs, using our full program series, through the Fit Father For Life membership.

Yes. The nutrition plan will be responsible for 70-80% of your weight loss results, so even if you have injuries, you can still follow the program and use lower intensity exercise such as walking (depending on what your injury is).

We have an expert team on hand who can discuss your requirements with you, and make suggestions for alternative exercises that will not exacerbate your injury. Our team is here for you, to make your journey on our programs as successful as possible.

Yes, our expert team of trainers and coaches can offer modifications or alternative workouts for you, if you are unable to follow the program as it is laid out.

The nutrition plan will be responsible for a lot of your weight loss, so workout variations can be suggested for you, whatever level of exercise you feel confident undertaking.

Yes, our meal plan is extremely flexible and is laid out as an approach to eating healthy, rather than a strict ‘eat this / don’t eat this’ type of diet. There are no restrictions in our meal plan, so it can be used alongside any other dietary requirements you may already have.

Our meal plan does have recipe suggestions for vegetarian and vegan options already included, and additional modifications needed can be discussed with our team.

Not necessarily. The FF30X meal plan has been created to be a flexible, sensible, and sustainable plan that does not require any ‘special’ foods to be purchased.

You will simply be replacing some of the foods you already eat, with healthier options, so the savings you make from the foods you remove will balance with those you purchase to follow the plan. Some groceries may feel more expensive for individual items, but overall, you should not see a significant increase in your weekly grocery budget.

No. The workout plan is designed to be accessible by anyone, at any level of fitness, so follow along videos do not work. Each member is encouraged to workout at their own pace, with weights they feel comfortable with, and to take as much rest between sets as they feel they need. 

Each workout does, however, have a full video demonstration included, so you will be able to see each exercise, the correct form, the number of reps at each level, and the order of the exercises that make up the workout.

No. In fact, we have modifications where you do not need any equipment at all!

The initial workout plan uses a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, and needs around 5-6 feet of floor space. However, our expert team of trainers can provide you with alternative workouts that just use bodyweight, resistance bands, sandbags, or any other equipment you have available.

The workouts have been created specifically to be short in length, but intense, to consider the busy schedules our members have. Each workout can be done in around 30-35 minutes.

The workouts work through levels of varying reps, so you can simply cap your workout at any time frame you have, and simply work to the level you can fit into that time limit. As you gain fitness and endurance, you will be able to reach higher levels within the same amount of time.

You do not need any exercise experience, or any particular level of fitness, to start the FF30X workout plan. The workouts will meet you exactly where you are right now.

We have had members start the program at over 300 lbs, who have not actively exercised for many years, or even at all. You can start to lose weight using the meal plan and low intensity exercise, such as walking, so do not need to start the workouts immediately if you do not feel ready or prepared.

No. Hard copies of the information are not sent out through the post. Everything is supplied to you digitally, within the Fit Father Project mobile and desktop app.

The app can be accessed on iPhone or android mobile phones, iPad and other tablets, laptops or desktop computers, so you have the convenience of using it on any device (your account can be accessed on multiple devices).

Our support team, coaching, and training team can be contacted directly through the app, via email, and inside the Brotherhood Chat Forum group that you will be admitted to once you are an active member of the program.

Our support team can help you with any questions you may have about the program in general, your subscription, or setup in the app.

Our coaching and training teams can help and support you with any questions you have about the workouts or meal plan in particular. They are your resource and cheerleaders throughout your membership, and you will see them regularly inside the app.

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Includes 14-Day FREE Trial to our Complete Fit Father Membership
Continue for just $39/mo. Cancel anytime.

Have unanswered questions about this program?
Email our team now: [email protected]

Have unanswered questions?
Email our team now:
[email protected]
* Results may vary by individual.
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* Results may vary by individual.