A study by Kaiser Permanente found that keeping a food journal can double a person's weight loss. The study followed 1,685 adults who documented their diet with afood journal for 6 days a week.

The participants who kept a journal for the entire period lost twice as much weight as those who quit after a single day!

If you have already committed to a healthy meal plan and exercise routine, now is the best time to unleash your secret weapon, the food journal.

Combined with our FF30X plan you’ll be unstoppable!

It’s time to discover how your food journal can transform your weight loss goals!

Writing Your Food Journal

To get the most out of your food journal:

    • food journalRecord what you have eaten while you are eating or as soon as you finish.
    • Use apps and/or handwritten food journals.
    • Look at your portion size; it’s important to record it.
    • Cooking at home will make it easier to know what you are eating.

Here’s what you need to record in your food journal:

    • The item you ate – this will help you to choose the right foods in the future.
    • The portion size – an easy way to lose weight is to reduce your portion size. But you need to know what you are normally consuming to do this!
    • The feeling you got when eating it – emotions play a huge part in our food. When you are celebrating it’s easy to overindulge, but this can also be the case when you’re sad.
    • The calories in the item – this is essential, you need to be aiming for approximately 300 calories less than your maintenance amount.
    • Amount of fat – some fat is essential for your body,  but too much is detrimental. This will give you an accurate account of how much fat you are consuming.
    • The time  – jotting the time down will help you to recognize the patterns that lead to over consumption.

Here's a Food Journal Template to help get you started:

Day One

TimeItemPortion SizeCaloriesFat (grams)ProteinEmotion
10:00Protein Bar1220158Stressed
12:30Chicken SaladMedium4483124Okay-brought with me
18:00Pepperoni Pizza6 slices13804872Happy but guilty

You can add in carbohydrates for a little balance; ideally half of your diet should be vegetables, a quarter protein, and another quarter carbohydrates, with a some fat added.

Food Journal Apps Can Help

Of course, recording this all manually can be cumbersome. You need to carry the journal with you and you’ll need to work out the nutrient details of each item.

While this is fairly easy if you’ve made the meal at home, it can be much harder if you’re eating out or on the go. The following apps can help you to keep track of everything, saving you the hassle and even calculating all the figures for you. It’s easy!

My Macros
This app is designed to show fat, protein and carbs which will help you to keep your food intake balanced.

Perhaps more importantly, it can also scan a barcode to give you the nutritional breakdown; very useful when eating on the go!

This is a great app for losing weight or building muscle. It also has a barcode scanner to help you identify the nutritional information of all foods.

It will give you the calorie count of all your meals and snacks, suggest meals and help you set a target. It can also keep you updated as to where you are regarding the target.

My Fitness Pal
This app will allow you to record your meals and feedback information regarding your nutritional intake.

However, it will also connect with your fit devices to monitor your workout routines and factor this into how well you are moving towards your goal.

This is a great app for monitoring carbs, proteins and fats even when eating in a restaurant. It will also record your activity levels and help you calculate how close you are to your goals.

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The Benefits Of Your Food Journal

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your weight loss journey, struggling through a plateau, or have even reached your goal and are looking to maintain a healthy weight; a food journal can become your best friend.

In fact, there are several reasons why keeping a food journal should be considered an essential part of your weight loss and muscle building journey.

    • food journalProblem Areas – A food journal will shine light on the most difficult area of weight management.This might be a specific time of day or a specific treat.
    • Deterrent – It can be tempting to just have one cookie. After all, no one will ever know, will they?Keeping a record of everything you eat, even that cookie, will help to make you aware of the weakness.This can be a great way of stopping you consuming unhealthy and unnecessary snacks!
    • Think About Food – Having to record everything you eat will make you think more about what you are eating.This can help you to make the right choice and even encourage you to prepare the meals yourself; at least you’ll know what’s in them.
    • Achieve Your Goals – Setting daily and weekly goals will make your weight loss goal possible.Food journals help you to focus on and achieve these daily goals, making the rest much easier.
    • Food Feelings – You probably know what your go-to food is if you’re feeling bad.But do you know which ones upset your stomach; make you feel constipated or even give you gas?Food journals can help identify and then avoid these foods. This will improve your daily energy levels and help you to feel more positive all the time.
    • Support – Just as our FF30X program can give you the support of other men trying to lose weight, your food journal can also assist you.One look at it can support your decision regarding which food you should be eating.

Summing It Up

Once you start a food journal you’ll realize it is the ultimate tool in achieving your weight loss or even muscle building goals.

food journalA food journal will allow you to set and achieve goals one step at a time, simply by monitoring the food you consume. You’ll be surprised by how much your food habits change in a short amount of time.

This is another area that the Fit Father Project can help you with. The FF30X program offers more than just support. You’ll also be able to access our full meal plan; helping you to eat well and enjoy your food at the same time.

Your new friend & health coach,

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on conditioning workouts.