10 Best Ways to Get Your Man Fit & Healthy

We wanted to change tact a little in this article and reach out to all the ladies out there to show you how you can get your man fit & healthy…

…in ways so sneaky he won’t even know it 🙂

Specifically, in this article, I’m going to give you 10 top tips on how you can help your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or long-term partner get on-track to better health and fitness.

If you want to get your man moving more and eating better, these suggestions can help you approach the subject without coming across as a nag or starting an argument.

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First, Here’s Why Fathers & Husbands Need To Be Healthy

First: Helping your partner get into great shape will be beneficial for both of you – romantically, financially, and emotionally.

In fact, Studies have shown that couples engaging in a physical activity together report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner. (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000).

Fit men tend to have more energy, work harder, earn more money, and report higher levels of confidence. Do you like any of those traits in your man?

Plus, if you have children, you’ll be acting as excellent role-models for your kids too.

As we all know: Children tend to copy the behaviors they see in their parents, so watching you and your partner engage in healthy eating & exercise will put your kids on the right path to a fitter future.

Anyways, without any more ado, I want to share with you my 10 best ways to get your man fit & healthy.

#1: Do physical activities together or become ‘workout buddies’

There’s nothing like the motivation of working out together to encourage weight loss and improved health for both your partner and you.

Get your man fit & healthy

Encouraging your man to join you in a physical activity like hiking, jogging or even salsa dancing will be a big step to getting him into the ‘healthier lifestyle’.

If you both need to lose weight and get healthier, you can suggest making it a regular joint effort and use exercising as a way to spend time together, outside of watching the TV or going for dinner.

It’s a great way to keep each other motivated and brings another commonality to your relationship that you can discuss and share.

#2: Set yourselves an “activity challenge”.

Guys can be competitive, so let’s use that to your advantage.

Once you have your man doing regular physical exercise, sign him up for an athletic challenge like a 5km run or charity biking race.

Pro Tip: You can even sign up for the event yourself and playfully lay down a challenge of who can get the fastest time.

Men are generally competitive creatures, so having a challenge that he needs to prepare himself for will increase the likelihood of him sticking to his training.

And that brings us to Tip #3…

#3: Let him know (subtly) that getting in shape will help your sex life… and keep your promise

For most men, nothing will get him to do something quicker than if you put the offer of sex on the table (if we’re being honest).

Although you can’t force someone to do something they aren’t motivated to do, the thought of a better and more regular sex life with you will definitely get your man thinking it could be worth the extra effort.

According to author Napoleon Hill, the desire of sex is one of the 7 major positive emotions, alongside Desire, Faith, Love, Enthusiasm, Romance, and Hope.

If you put the positive thought of sex into your partner’s mind, you’ll be surprised at how quickly he gets off the sofa and into the gym.

If this works, you need to keep up your end of the bargain though. There’s nothing that deflates a man’s ego more than a promise that’s not upheld. (Especially THAT promise)

#4: Try to make him think it’s all ‘his idea’

Making a man think it was his idea to lose weight and get in shape will be your sure-fire way to getting him in line with healthy eating and exercise.

Man thinking

As we mentioned above, us men are still very proud creatures, so if we think we’ve thought up the “golden idea of losing a few pounds” all by ourselves, we’re likely to go along with it until it’s done.

…even if you’re the one “masterminding” behind the scenes.

If we’re being honest, it probably (usually) works out this way anyway 🙂

If you want to employ this strategy, it’ll need to be a carefully trodden path, but if you make subtle suggestions of how good you think your man would look with a flatter stomach and bigger arms, he’ll know where you’re coming from.

On the flip side, if you’re as subtle as a sledgehammer, you’ll likely rock his self-esteem and push him further towards the Krispy Kreme’s. If you tend to fall on this end of the communication spectrum, skip this tip and move onto Tip #5…

#5: Be positive and encouraging

Following on from the point above, you need to be positive and encouraging when you approach the subject of losing weight and getting healthy.

Men can be just as sensitive as women when it comes to how we look and how attracted our better half is to us. It’s true.

Impressing our partner is hugely important to the male ego.

Show some excitement when we tell you we’ve beaten our personal best for 5km and congratulate us when we brag to you that we can see that vein in our bicep. These little words of encouragement can have a huge impact.

Men like to be congratulated and encouraged by the women that matter to us, and if we think we’re impressing you and keeping you happy, we’ll be glad to continue pushing ourselves to be fitter and better.

#6: Plan your meals and Shop together

Meal planning is a key part of our proven healthy family eating plan that we teach in our Fit Father 30 Day Program, so I would suggest making the time each week to schedule your meals and plan what you’ll eat.

The simple habit of meal prepping ahead of time will make it much less likely that you’ll resort to junk food as your meal of choice later in the week.

If you know what you’ll eat throughout the week, you’ll be able to prepare your grocery list and head to the supermarket knowing just what you need.

Having the list prepared will mean no second guessing or “Oh, I’ll just pick this up, just in case” as you walk along the cookie aisle.

Plus, doing the shopping together will mean both of you can keep an eye on what’s going in the grocery cart. If it’s not on the agreed list, it shouldn’t be going in.

#7: Make it easy for him to succeed

In general, men who have let themselves get out of shape will make every excuse under the sun not to start exercising and eating healthier.

If this sounds a bit like your man, you need to do everything you can to drop the barriers of resistance and limit the excuses he can make.

If it’s because he’s injured, offer to go to physical therapy with him to get the injury checked out and fixed.

If it’s a time issue, encourage him to wake up a bit earlier or get his gym bag prepared for him for when he gets home from work.

If he can’t get to the gym, and you have space at home, do what my wife has just done for me and buy him a weight bench and weights for Father’s Day.

If it’s because he “doesn’t know what to do”, check out our Fit Father 30X Overview Letter, to see how our program can fill in the blanks and get your man in shape…pronto!

#8: Keep junk food out of the house

This will run alongside my earlier suggestion of planning your meals and shopping together.

Checking that neither of you are smuggling Chocolate Digestives into the cart will be a key part of this little strategy.

If you do go shopping alone, however, make sure you keep away from junk food, so you don’t give your man the temptation when he’s foraging in the fridge for a snack.

You can make sure there are healthier alternatives there for him, like vegetable slices, protein flapjacks, or meal replacement bars.

Pro Tip: Grocery stores are laid out in a very strategic way to maximize the amount you spend – NOT to necessarily keep you healthy.

The outside perimeter of almost all grocery stores has the fruits, veggies, and meats that should ideally make up the bulk of your family’s diet.

The middle aisles contain all the high calorie “high temptation” junk foods. The stores want you to “get lost” moving up and down these internal aisles – throwing all sorts of things into your cart.

Shop the perimeter. Stay out of the middle aisles as much as possible.

#9: Let him know you want him to be around longer

Sometimes, the simple approach of suggesting you want him to stay healthy so he’s around for longer for the family will help your partner think more deeply about his health.

Most guys who have gotten out of shape don’t really “connect” the idea that having belly fat, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol is literally turning their bodies into a ticking time bomb.

Many guys just think, “Ah… I have this belly fat. It’s no big deal. Just a part of getting older.”

But, helping your man “reframe” what his health and physical shape actually mean in terms of his ability to provide for your family… may finally get him motivated.

It may be that a close family friend has had health problems related to poor diet and lack of exercise and you know it’s been in the back of his mind.

Although you don’t want to wade in with a comment like “You should get in shape or you’ll end up like …”, a thoughtful comment about how you want him around longer will go a long way.

If you have kids, you could approach the subject of him being around to watch them grow up and even suggest more active pursuits with them to lead by example and be a good role-model of health and well-being.

#10: Above all, don’t try to force him to lose weight

This is probably the most important point on this list.

From helping over 10,000 men lose over 75,000lbs, our team can tell you this fact with 100% certainty.

Weight loss that actually lasts has to be an internal commitment. We can’t be forced. We have to choose to start new eating & exercise habits for ourselves.

Any of the good suggestions I’ve made for you above will be for nothing if your partner feels like you’re forcing him to lose weight, eat healthily, or exercise more.

Men are stubborn, and we like to do things in our own time when we feel ready.

Forcing your man to start dieting will only make him resist and dig his heels in like a 5-year old child. (I’ll admit… we are basically the same in most cases).

If you try to force healthier living on your man, he’ll feel like you’re nagging him and it will become a fight that (even if you do win) will make him do things half-heartedly and with resentment.

That’s not the way to get your man in shape.

Encourage him, make suggestions, support him or join him, and you’ll notice he’ll be more than happy to try a healthy snack or start pumping some iron.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and hope they work for you to get your man fit & healthy.

With a little encouragement and support, men are generally happy to do anything to make their wives and girlfriends happy – including getting fit.

If you think these helpful hints will be beneficial to friends that want to get their other half in shape too, feel free to share it or forward a link to your friends & family.

Here at the Fit Father Project, we believe more men and their families deserve the gift of health, and we’re on a mission to make that happen. We’d love for you to join us.

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