Finding the right gift for dad gets harder each and every year. Most of us are forced to stay within a budget, which severely complicates the process, especially if your dad already has one of everything.

gift ideas for dadsWe typically settle for some type of sugary food-like substance, which gets consumed almost immediately. Junk food gifts are not only lost forever; they actually harm our dad's health.

Look for a gift that creates fond memories, provides added value, and extends your dad's life.

Whether it be for Father’s day, a birthday, or some other special occasion, finding the right gift for dad takes consideration and research.

Here are a few gift ideas for dad (even if he has everything) that are sure to make him happy with a healthy touch.

Gift Ideas for Dads Who Have Everything

In case you haven't noticed, our mission is to help dads get healthy and stay that way. These gift ideas were chosen to help your dad maintain a healthy lifestyle.

#10 A GOOD Blender

$100 – $500
A blender is a great tool for helping your dad consume more vegetables.

Smoothies, soups, and sauces are delicious and nutritious ways to mask the strong flavors of vegetables, transforming them into delicious treats we look forward to.

There's a ton of great choices available online. Of course, any of the blenders by Vitamix are awesome, but a little pricey.

The Aicok BL1192 Professional Grade Blender is a great choice for those of you on a budget.

#9 Nature Box

$1 – $200

gift ideas for dadsThis gift idea is a food item, but at least your dad can enjoy healthy alternatives for an entire year.

Everyone loves to snack; it's an inevitable temptation. That’s why we have to be careful when choosing snacks at the grocery store.

Nature Box is a great service that delivers the snacks straight to your door. They also have a gift option available so that you can get a subscription for your dad too. 😉

#8 Meat Grinder

$25 – $300

Speaking of food, consider a meat grinder,  so long as your dad doesn’t already have one (I doubt he does).

A meat grinder will help your dad control the fat content of the burgers and sausage he eats. There are several good ones to choose from these days.

The best grinders are typically stainless steel and need to be mounted on a kitchen counter, which may also need to be considered.

gift ideas for dads

#7 Smoker

$50 – $100

gift ideas for dadsAs far as healthy, great tasting entrees are concerned, it’s hard to beat a good piece of smoked salmon.

With his own smoker in the backyard, your dad will be able to cook delicious and healthy meals as often as he wants.

While smoking meat can increase one's exposure to PAH, the benefits of having a low-calorie alternative readily available should outweigh the potential harmful effects, provided your dad isn't using the smoker for every meal.

#6 Cold Brew Coffee Maker

$20 – $30
If your dad is a caffeine connoisseur, he might enjoy the refreshing pick-me-up that comes with a mid-day glass of cold-brewed coffee.

This low budget item works great as a stand-alone gift, but can also be combined with a bag of fresh ground premium coffee. It’s certainly a gift I would enjoy.

#5 Hand Tools

$25 – $30

gift ideas for dadsHand tools make a great gift idea for dad, especially if he happens to be the do-it-yourself type.

Even if he isn't, more hand tools can only improve his skill set. Most of our dads already have a tape measure, for instance, but they probably don’t have a real tape measure. Cheap pieces of plastic, with razor-sharp, uncontrollable, rolled-up slap bracelets don't count. A new tool is always useful even we already have one.

Besides, most dads love practical gifts, and they may even help him finish a few projects.

#4 Kettlebell

$50 – $100

gift ideas for dads who have everything kettlebell

If your dad has several kettlebells, a new kettlebell makes the perfect gift. They're just so addictive. One of each is not enough.

We need two of each, and if we're lucky enough to have two of each, we probably want one of the newer novelty shaped versions. (Onnit has some really neat ones).

If your dad doesn’t have a kettlebell, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having at least one.

Something about a kettlebell says, “pick me up,” which makes it a great motivator for getting back into shape.

If you decide to get your dad a kettlebell, send him a link to one of our great articles to get him started.

#3 Dehydrator

$30 – $100

Every home needs a dehydrator!

This simple and overlooked appliance is a great way to preserve healthy snacks and reduce waste. Buy your dad some fruit and vegetables to go along with the dehydrator. At least that way, he’ll know that it’s usable for something besides beef jerky.

#2 Vegetable Seeds

$1 – $10

gift ideas for dadsGrowing your own vegetables is one of the healthiest activities we can do.

Not only does it require physical activity, but we also get fresh organic vegetables to eat.

Whether your dad is a seasoned farmer or a beginner without a clue, you'll cover a lot of ground with a variety pack of seeds.

#1 A Trip to the Great Outdoors

$0 – $1,000

If your dad is the Grizzly Adams type, he would probably enjoy the fresh air from a guided hunting trip in Colorado.

gift ideas for dadsIf he’s a desk jockey that steers away from adventure, a cabin rental on the outskirts of the wilderness may be the better option.

Some states even allow you to purchase hunting and fishing licenses as gifts.

This idea may require some additional thought to fit your dad’s personality and lifestyle, but virtually everyone enjoys and benefits from time outdoors.

For those of you looking for more specific suggestions, how about Yellowstone or one of the many National Parks.

If you are on a budget, and you and your dad are up for an adventure, you can always try dispersal camping in the national forest.

Hiking and camping are healthy activities that create meaningful memories that last a lifetime.

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