If you’re looking for an energy boost before a workout or just something to keep you going through the day, you may have heard the suggestion to stay away from juice canned sugar and try a healthy energy drink.

Although marketing tells you how great these drinks are, do you know if they are really as healthy as you think they are?

Unhealthy Energy Drinks

The majority of energy drinks give you a dose of caffeine. You’re probably aware that this is one of the man ingredients in coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant; it actually blocks adenosine from binding to receptors in your body.

During the day, your body produces adenosine in response to brain and physical functions. The adenosine in your body binds with receptors. This causes you to feel sleepy and prepares your body for sleep. Caffeine prevents this binding action from occurring, keeping your body in a state of awareness.

un-healthy energy drinksUnfortunately, many of the energy drinks you find on the market don’t just have caffeine in them. They also have a ton of sugar.

Sugar is quickly metabolized by your body, giving you a rush of energy and the associated sugar high that makes you feel good.

It’s worth noting that the average cup of coffee contains 80mg of caffeine. That’s the same amount as in a 250ml can of Red Bull, but without the sugar.

Sugar is not a good way to boost your energy levels and alertness. The damage it does to your gut biome and arteries is not worth the small boost.

Sugar will contribute to a rise in your glucose levels, which will result in increased insulin. This can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Excess sugar in your body will be converted to fat and stored, contributing to weight gain. No matter how stressed you are, comfort food is not the answer.

That’s why you need to start trying some of these alternative healthy energy drinks. They’ll give you the energy boost you need without the negative side effects.

Iced Coffee

Cold coffee may not sound appealing, but before you knock it, you should definitely try it, especially on a hot summer day.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to make, but there's a fine line between bitter disaster and delicious energy.

Use a French Press

cold brew coffee healthy energy drinksSimply place your coffee in the French Press as normal and add the requisite amount of cold water. Then place it in the refrigerator and leave overnight.  Give it time to chill and let the flavor build.

You can also fill empty tea bags with coffee and place them in a jar of water and chill overnight.

Pour into your cup with a few ice cubes and enjoy!

Try Instant Coffee

For two cups of iced coffee, you can make yourself your traditional homebrew; then allow it to cool to room temperature!

You can then mix ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract with half a cup of milk, preferably the fat-free kind. Heat it on the stove to ensure it blends properly.

Now add some ice to a glass and pour the two cooled mixtures onto the ice at the same time. The finished ice coffee should be half coffee and half syrup/milk.

You’ll be amazed by how good it tastes.

Green Tea

green tea healthy energy drinksGreen tea is known to be thermogenic, which means it increases your core temperature forcing your body to react. Thermogenic substances increase your metabolism, causing you to burn calories to reduce your temperature.

The end result is that you burn more energy.

But green tea also contains approximately 40mg of caffeine, providing the same stimulatory effect as coffee!


kvass healthy energy drinksKvass comes a traditional beverage from Eastern Europe, sometimes referred to as black bread.

It can be almost any flavor, opting for a fruit or vegetable taste will help you to get your 5 a day.

Kvass is a fermented drink that boosts energy levels and your immune system. It's also probiotic and linked with protecting you from certain types of cancer to boot.

Of course, like many unusual drinks, kvass is an acquired taste.  The initial result is a slightly bitter, slightly sweet, tangy flavor that is quickly surpassed with a pronounced tingle due to the carbonation.

Coconut Water

Glass of coconut water and fresh nut on wooden background healthy energy drinksCoconuts are full of potassium and saturated fats. These fats are unique in that they cannot be stored by your body, instead they are used for energy.

Potassium helps to regulate your body fluid levels and the rhythm of your heart and other muscles.

The two of these combine in coconut water to give you a health boost as well as increasing your energy levels.

Acai Berry

The Acai berry has been called a superfood as it is full of antioxidants that can help reduce the signs and effects of aging. It is even said to help with weight loss.

But the Acai berry is also full of fatty acids and potassium, just like coconut water. This will boost your metabolism and consequently, your energy levels.

Make Your Own Smoothie

green smoothie healthy energy drinksMaking your own drinks makes a lot of sense. You’ll know that the ingredients are all-natural, and you’ll know exactly what is in your drink. That’s a great start.

Try mixing dark green vegetables together, such as spinach, kale, and parsley. These vegetables are full of B vitamins, which will increase your metabolic rate.

In turn, this will improve your ability to convert sugar or fat into energy, giving you a welcome mid afternoon (or early morning) boost.

A Protein Shake

banana smoothie healthy energy drinksThis isn’t just for bodybuilders. Protein is essential for the repair and growth of your muscles after exercise.

But, protein is also part of the energy production process, providing it’s mixed with carbohydrates.

Simply add some fruit, wheat germ, or even quinoa to your protein shake to get an energy boost and help your muscles recover.

Healthy Energy Drinks to a Healthy Lifestyle

This is just a stepping stone into the world of health. Boosting your energy levels doesn’t even require a drink if you’re exercising and eating properly.

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