Father's Day is just around the corner!

No matter what kind of family you have, Father's Day should be a time that you appreciate all the influential men in your life. A time that you reflect on all the lessons you've learned, all the deep talks you've had and all the advice you've been given.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate any holiday is through sharing a meal.

So as you gather your influential father figures, or gather around your own children, take one of these healthy Father's Day dessert recipes to the table.

Because the healthier you are, the more Father's Days you'll be able to enjoy to the fullest!

Healthy Father's Day Dessert Recipes: Frozen Strawberry Delights

Your taste buds aren't ready for this gluten free, dairy free frozen strawberry delight!

healthy father's day dessert

With Father's Day falling in mid-June, a frozen treat is always a good idea. Just imagine snacking on this on your porch after a filling dinner with your family.

For me, frozen treats during the summer were always a tradition. While it usually entailed flagging down the ice cream truck on a summer day, nowadays I prefer to have a homemade treat that's much healthier.

This treat reminds us of a strawberry ice cream sandwich and cocoa pebbles… but the crumble is actually made of pecans!

Surprisingly, this fruity and nutty combination comes in at 130 calories per serving.

Healthy Father's Day Dessert Recipes: Brownie-Inspired Bars

You had me at brownie…healthy father's day dessert recipes

These brownie-inspired bars are so much healthier than your mother's, which hopefully you'll be happy to hear.

These paleo bars have 5 ingredients and don't require ANY baking!

You might be thinking that's too good to be true, but we promise this isn't a dream.

All you need are nuts, dates, cacao, vanilla extract for the bars and your choice of chia, shredded coconut, salt or chocolate chips for the topping.

Just measure your ingredients, mix and let these bars set!

We love easy recipes like these. The less time we spend prepping food in the kitchen, the more time we can spend with our families.

Healthy Father's Day Dessert Recipes: Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are such a classic dessert.healthy father's day dessert recipes

Fresh, citrusy and chilled, they're perfect for any occasion!

These “lightened up” lemon bars that we found, take away any of the guilt that we used to feel when chowing down on these treats.

This recipe includes NO grains, gluten, refined sugar, or butter. At 135 calories per serving, we'd call that a win!

You might want to make a double batch of these… lemon bars have been known to mysteriously disappear at alarming rates.

Healthy Father's Day Recipes: Greek Yogurt Crunch Bites

Greek yogurt is a game changer.

A naturally low-calorie option, Greek yogurt is a perfect substitute for heavy sour cream or cream cheese. healthy father's day dessert recipes

Its natural tanginess adds a layer to any fruity dessert you could serve.

These Greek yogurt crunch bites are no exception!

Crushed almonds give these bites their crunch, while a hidden blueberry adds some sweetness to the tang of the Greek yogurt.

While they look too pretty to eat, they only take a whopping 5 minutes to prepare. And at 95 calories a pop, they're a perfect after-dinner treat.

Because we just know these bites will become a staple dessert for you, we suggest experimenting with different flavors of Greek yogurt and different fruit for the centers to keep the dessert exciting.

Healthy Eating Beyond Holidays

Making holiday meals healthy can sometimes be easier than focusing on your day-to-day eating habits.healthy eaitng

You may think that there's so much preparation and thought that goes into a healthy daily diet.

But in reality, it's not that difficult to purge your diet from unhealthy foods and pack it with nutrients!

Our free 1-day meal plan outlines exactly what you should be eating: morning, noon and night.

When you know exactly what you should be eating for each meal, it makes it hard to really mess up!

Give our free 1-day meal plan a try and tell us what you think of our recipes.
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