Conditioning workouts are not a new fad. Adding them to your workout routine will drastically improve your progress by ensuring your body is ready for increased exertion levels.

Conditioning workouts strengthen tendons, ligaments, and muscles and improve flexibility and range-of-motion, so your body is prepared when you start to use increased loads or higher intensity.

conditioning workouts

By including conditioning workouts in your daily schedule, your body will also burn calories after you have completed your exercise routine; allowing you to maximize the effects of your workout.

Like many of us here at the Fit Father Project, you're possibly a busy man with children to consider.

I know only too well that family commitments can lead to your regular trips to the gym quickly becoming a thing of the past; whilst the layer of fat across your belly slowly starts to grow.

You know you need to stay fit and healthy, but life sometimes doesn’t give you the time. It’s not your fault, and it's often not just a matter of finding more motivation!

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What are Conditioning Workouts?

One of the biggest reasons men give up their workout plan is injury or soreness.

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Even if you're eager to achieve your weight loss and lean muscle building goals; if you get injured or feel too sore, too often, you will likely give up on your workouts.

Conditioning workouts seek to avoid these issues.

These workouts help to prepare your muscles, ligaments, tendons and other fibers in your body, to get stronger. This will lead to your ability to lift heavier and longer without detriment to the extent of you giving up altogether.

Your body needs to be strong, but flexible and mobile enough to avoid injuries and soreness.

This is achieved through the use of weights to push your body to a point where overload is not quite achieved. It will be just before too many micro-tears are made in your muscles, so soreness and injury are not caused.

Conditioning means making your body capable of performing at the same level when you start working out and when you finish your routine.

A good conditioning workout will build stamina but will also increase your strength levels.

The good news is that conditioning exercises are easy to complete and can be incorporated into your schedule; even when you are struggling for time.

Why Are Conditioning Workouts So Effective?

Conditioning workouts are so effective as they build a solid foundation for your body, ready for you to move to the next level of physical exertion.

conditioning workouts

As previously mentioned, they build stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as increasing flexibility and mobility.

It is this combination that makes them effective at keeping away most injuries and muscle soreness.

A good example is our 24-minute fat burning workout, which moves you up through a pyramid, warming up your muscles and allowing plenty of range-of-motion, without overexerting your muscles.

Perhaps the best part about this type of workout is that you will definitely feel like you've been put through your paces, but will not be so sore that you want to go back to sitting on the sofa.

No matter what your fitness goals; it is important to include conditioning workouts to ensure maximum muscle definition and weight loss.

conditioning workouts

7 Tips To Build Conditioning Workouts Into Your Schedule.

Now that you understand the importance and relevance of conditioning workouts it is important to build them into your busy schedule.

You can start with the 24-min fat burning workout, but you will find there are many more exercises and routines available, along with a huge support network.

All you need to do is join the many other men who have achieved success with Fit Fathers and our FF30X program.

These tips will help you to incorporate the conditioning workouts into your hectic life; even when you think you don’t have the time:

Step #1 – Routine:

We all know how difficult it can be to start any exercise routine and stick to it.

conditioning workouts

You have probably tried dozens of times and are still struggling to succeed.

The answer is to make your workout part of your daily routine.

Just like you know you have to go to work, you will know that you must exercise.

You can choose your preferred time of day.

Simply treat it as a work appointment, something that has to be done; even if you don’t want to.

You'll be surprised how quickly your habit becomes a routine you look forward to.

Step #2 – Variety:

Of course, habit and endorphins will only take you so far.

To maintain your interest and motivation, you must include variety.

Your workout should focus on allowing muscle groups to rest for 48 hours between workouts.

This is perfect as it encourages you to use different workouts each day, providing maximum lean muscle and minimizing body fat.

For best results, you could use different conditioning workouts every day.

This will allow you to improve every part of your body without losing interest.

Step #3 – Visualization:

There are many celebrities and successful bodybuilders who swear by the power of visualization.

Arnie is one subscriber; he states that he always saw himself as the man he could be, and then simply filled out the body to meet the image in his head.

Whether you choose to visualize yourself with some clever photo-shopping, or merely an image of the body you would like to have; you will find that seeing and believing what you will become will assist you in achieving your goal.

Top Tip: If you are using a physical image to assist your visualization put the picture somewhere where it will inspire you the most.

This could be near your workout area or by the food cupboard; to prevent temptation.


Step #4 – Use Your Surroundings:

Think about your day; it is probably already very busy.

However, there are many opportunities to incorporate an additional physical activity or a full workout.

    • Lunch break – Instead of a sandwich and a sit-down, consider a session in the gym at work or even using the facilities at the local park. Play equipment can be surprisingly effective workout tools.
    • Your desk – How often have you sat waiting for a page to download or a document to open? These small segments of time can be used to do small stretches or mobility exercises that will help with conditioning your body. There is a myriad of exercises you can perform without even leaving your desk.
    • Communicating – At work you may use your cell phone for many business calls. Similar to the above, you can use this time to take a walk around or do stretching or mobility exercises.

Not all the things you can do with your surroundings will involve conditioning.

But, they will improve your fitness, enjoyment of exercise and your desire; all of which will help to ensure you continue working out and improving your fitness.

Step #5 – Involve Your Children:

From the moment you wake up, you are probably beset by your children.

conditioning workouts

They seem to have a virtually limitless supply of energy!

Instead of allowing their needs and demands to distract you from your workout, get them involved!

Older children may be interested in joining you in a conditioning workout.

Younger ones may find it fun to simply run with you.

The point is that your children can boost the fun you have while working out.

They can also push you to work harder and you will be introducing the idea of fitness to them at a young age.

Step #6 – Commute For Fitness:

You've seen above, the idea of using your surroundings to build your fitness.

conditioning workouts

It is actually possible to take this a stage further.

Look at your current commute and the facilities you have in or near to your office.

You can park the car halfway to work and run the rest eventually running the entire distance, or you could try cycling to work.

Make sure you have facilities to freshen up at work and time to use them.

People who exercise while commuting to work generally experience a better state of mind; you will be more productive!

Step #7 – Get Up Early:

There are many surveys that suggest the best time to exercise is in the morning.

However, even if you prefer to do your conditioning in the evening; it is worth getting up earlier.

You should aim for 6 – 7 hours a night of sleep. If getting up early will affect this, then you may need to go to bed earlier.

Early starts allow you to do your conditioning workout first thing in the morning.

An inability to achieve this for any reason then the extra time in the morning can be used to ensure you have the time in the evening to complete a conditioning workout.


We're here to support you and guide you on every step of your journey.

It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is; you can improve your muscle mass and reduce your body fat.

Make sure to add conditioning workouts, like our 24-min workout, to your exercise regime.

Soon you'll be ready to take on any intensity of exercise you want to while limiting your chances of getting sore and injured.

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