I wanted my first blog for F.F.P. to be about “living with intention”. I will come back to this post time and time again because once you learn the value, power, and importance of living with intention, you'll create a healthier and stronger foundation for your entire life NOW and moving forward.

The idea to start here was inspired by an article from a colleague of mine, Dr. Michael Kay.

He states:

“If I flex my bicep I am literally controlling all the way down to nucleus level and thereby controlling gene expression. Seriously.

What I do at my neck matters in my deadlift or toe position in my squat, or even that I can influence how my thoracic spine extends by how my hand is interacting with the ground.

The big picture is to look at your moving system as connected, and realize that, while training, quality of movement far outweighs any other performance measure. (Competition is different, a talk for another time.)

So, do something incorrectly or poorly repeatedly and you are implanting the pattern all the way down to nucleus level.

Furthermore, the body is constantly remaking itself.  When we train with little intention or crappy form, we are influencing how certain tissue is being restructured.

This should make you think twice about doing momentum pull-ups or Olympic lifting for time.

What are you telling the system?

It matters… it all matters.”


The Effects Of Living With Intentions

I thought about how doing things with intention and without intention and how it will affect you down the NUCLEUS LEVEL.

It really made me think about the quality of our thoughts and our actions.

Poor quality of thoughts will create a poor quality of actions; poor quality of actions will lead to a poor quality of life. WHOA.

So, how does one create better thoughts?

The answer to that is INTENTION.

Not goals, not motivation, not hiding or pretending, not distracting yourself with work, or drugs and alcohol, or drowning yourself in hours of T.V, or poor nutrition.

The only thing that is going to affect the quality of your life down to the NUCLEUS level is your intentions.

How Do I Break Down My Intentions?

Longer durations of focus, commitment and discipline are what are going to make sure these intentions cement new patterns for you.

For example if I did a “daily intention” on being a better communicator and tomorrow my daily intention is to eat healthier, I only had one day of each and we all know that is NEVER going to create change.

If your intention is communication, maybe you want to work on communicating with your family in a more positive way or speaking to your co-workers more often about improving overall morale and productivity.

Maybe it's communicating with your kids each day for 15 minutes with no distractions and just talking to them face to face.

There are so many options that you can choose from when you let the intention of communication be your guide.

Knowing that if you become a better communicator in all areas of your life, you will be a HEALTHIER version of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

An Example Breakdown Of An Intention

Let’s break apart another example of intentions, like “self-control”.

Never in a million years did I think I would be taking on a 7 day no food fast challenge I set for myself (yes, I went 7 days with no food, only water, and ice).

I love food, all kinds of food, but it wasn’t until I became really aware of my thoughts around my relationship to food that I realized how little “self-control” I had over my thoughts about food and my EMOTIONS around food.

This one example of self-control and food comes under my intention for the year.

By practicing self-control, it helps me step back, breathe and approach every situation in a much more healthy way.

Seeing where I lack self-control in this area FORCES me to analyze it in a different light and has me think about self-control in more areas than just food or other external distractions.

My Challenge To You…

I am challenging you all to take some time to reflect on your life and set some new intentions moving forward with reasons WHY you've chosen them.

I want to hear from you guys.

I would love for you to post your intentions and things you can do to start to LIVE INTO your intentions.

If you want help, or want me to dive deeper into this topic please send me an email or leave a comment below and I will gladly help.

Don’t wait – Take action and create INTENTIONAL LIVING.


Joey Bellus