How Mindset Makes a Difference to Muscle Building & Weight Loss Goals. By Stuart Carter, Men's Health Coach & Head Trainer, The Fit Father Project

Your mindset can make a huge difference to how much you can lift and how well you stick to your healthy eating plan. The simple truth is that mind over matter is not just a phrase. It really can help you achieve fitness goals.

Have you ever heard a story relating to a normal person suddenly having superhuman strength? It’s actually called Hysterical strength and is a response to a life and death situation. What makes it possible is not a sudden burst of energy but your mindset in the moment.

If you believe you can do something and you commit to the necessary actions, you’ll be able to do it.

Building The Mindset

If you’ve reached a plateau then it’s easy to start looking for external reasons as to why. You don’t have the time, you’re tired or you’ve just reached your limits. But these are excuses.

One thing that can help you strengthen your mindset is talking to others. You’re not alone! Join us here at the Fit Father project, through the FF30X program, and gain inspiration from others who have been where you are.

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Building your mindset requires an understanding more can be done. It’s time to believe that the impossible is possible.

This is how you build your positive mindset:

  • Visualize

You need to think about the body you want, whether it's 20 lbs lighter, or has 20 lbs of extra lean muscle. Before you go to bed every night, take ten minutes to visualize every detail of your new body.

The clearer the picture is in your mind, the more you’ll believe it is possible. Once you start to believe you could look like that it will start to happen.

  • Embrace Your Workout with Aggression

Every time you workout you need to attack every exercise with everything you have. The simplest way of doing this is to think about how you’ll feel when you complete the exercise.

This will inspire you to push yourself as hard as possible and see positive gains.

  • Form First

using a row machine mindsetOnce you’ve fired yourself up to do the workout, you need to focus on form. Visualize your muscles moving and focus on every move you make.

You want the form to be perfect. If you’re focusing on this you won’t even notice the effort you’re putting in; until you’ve finished.

  • Focus on Your Next Challenge

Even with the right mindset, there can be times when the exercise doesn’t go to plan. Maybe you’ve visualized lifting more than ever before and haven’t managed to achieve it.

It is easy to be downhearted, but there are two things you can do to boost your mindset and achieve the impossible next time:

  1. Talk to your friends here at the Fit Father Project. We’ve all been there and can easily boost your confidence and motivation through our own success (and failure) stories.
  2. Move on, focus on what you are doing next and give it your all.
  • Stay Positive

A positive approach is essential if you wish to develop the right mindset for success. All you need to do is believe that you will have the best workout ever; you’ll be surprised at how often this actually happens!

The easiest way to do this is develop your own mantra. “I can do anything”, or “I am strong and powerful”.  Choose a saying or make one up that summarizes the person you want to become.

hitting pause button for mindsetThen repeat it in the morning, before bed and before every workout. You can even say it to yourself during the workout. You’ll be surprised at how much difference this makes.

  • Pause before Starting

Before you start each exercise take a moment to pause and focus your mind. Clear all other thoughts out and think about the exercise you’re about to complete.

You need to ignore all the distractions in the room and concentrate on the exercise at hand; this will build a mind and muscle connection; which will make it seem easier every time you do it.

  • Dream

dream big for mindsetDare to dream. While it is important to visualize the man you want to become there is a great deal of benefit that can be gained from dreaming big.

There is no such thing as the impossible. You simply can’t do something, yet. If your mind is free to dream of what you could become, your body will follow.

This is true in all walks of life. When you’ve finished your set and feel like you can do no more, do one extra lift at a heavier weight. You’ll feel great!

Implementing the Mindset

Getting your mindset right before you start exercising will help to ensure you get the most out of every workout. But there are several other things you can be doing to boost the results obtainable with the right mindset:

Talk With Friends and Make it a Competition

working out with friendsEveryone here at the Fit Father Project who has committed to the FF30X program gains a support group as well as suggestions and practical advice on how to get the most out of every workout.

You can also use your membership to FF30X to find friendly competition. The advantage of doing this online is you can get incredibly competitive without worrying about seeing them down the bar tonight.

Try it! Sign up for FF30X now and create a competition with someone who is just above your current level. Tell them you’ll beat them to the next level and believe you can.

The accountability and competitiveness will dramatically improve your mindset and focus when you workout.

Short Term Goals Only

fitness goals and mindsetWhile you want to visualize and dream big, your goals need to be short term and realistic. If you’re lifting 400 pounds, you’re not going to be lifting 800 by the end of the week.

…But you could lift 450!

Set your short term goals in line with your overall dream and focus on them. The long term goals will happen by themselves and you’ll feel positive because you are achieving something.

Don’t Just Focus on the Scale

Many people looking to lose weight or gain lean muscle are obsessed with the scales. This isn’t beneficial.

If you lose a pound of fat and gain a pound of muscle you’ll weigh the same. But, you’ll be slimming. Limit your weighing sessions to once a week. You should also measure your waist and any muscle groups you are targeting.

This will show you are achieving results.

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Developing the right mindset means believing in yourself and staying positive. The best way of doing this is to implement the above methods for building and implementing mindset:

  • Visualize Your Ultimate body
  • Embrace your workout
  • Focus on form
  • Look forward to your next challenge
  • Stay positive

Most importantly, join us today. Members of Fit Fathers for Life provide you with all the support, advice, and friendly competition you need to become better than you thought you ever could be.

Your new friend & health coach,

stuart-headshotStuart Carter
Head Training Staff, The Fit Father Project

Brotherhood Nickname: “The Fit Brit”
Bragging Rights: 16 Years in the fitness industry, Author of ‘The Easy Fitness Guide', Father of 4 boys and Husband to a Venezuelan beauty.

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