Weight Loss Basics: What You Need To Know, To Succeed

Weight loss can often feel like anything but “basic”. Throughout the course of most weight loss journeys, many people feel hungry, tired, sore and just all around grumpy.

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Do you know why this happens during these efforts to shed excess weight?

Because many diets and workouts are unnecessarily complicated.

For anyone to be successful at dieting– no matter what your starting point is– all you need to know are the essential weight loss basics.

Weight loss basics are the cardinal rules that must be followed to achieve good results on the scale.

Read on to make sure you're not cheating yourself out of weight loss success!
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Weight Loss Basics: Clear Motivation

Before you start the journey of weight loss, you need to know why you're entering into it in the first place.

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Sure, most people are interested in health and fitness.

And sure, your health is an EXTREMELY important factor in your overall quality of life.

But what is YOUR reason for trying to get fit?

Think about the following…

Are you extrinsically motivated?

This means that you're motivated by your coworkers or partner giving you verbal affirmations for your change in physique. Equally, a fitness app congratulating you on meeting your milestones would make you happy.

…Or are you intrinsically motivated?

This means that you're motivated by your desire to control your own body how you want to. Likewise, being able to tick off goals on a calendar would also make you happy.

You need to find your source of motivation and harness it before you can lose weight successfully.

Weight Loss Basics: Enough Sleep

Ah, good old shut-eye.

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It's funny to think about how little I used to value sleep.

In college, we used to brag about how little sleep we got, and sleep in until noon to compensate.

But as an adult, my sleep schedule has become sacred to me.

While you're sleeping, your body works to…

  • Reduce your risk for health conditions
  • Regulate your hormones
  • Level-off your hunger
  • Boost your immune system
  • Preserve memory

Adults need anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, depending on their personal cycles.

Make sure you can plan to get the sleep you need so that your body can heal and prepare for dieting and exercise.

Weight Loss Basics: Stress Relief

Stress is prevalent in our everyday lives.

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From expectations at work and duties at home to the 24-hour news cycle, it's challenging to truly disconnect and take a break.

However, by integrating meditation and mindfulness practices into your routine, you can complement your exercising and achieve some zen in your life.

Meditation has been around for over 3,500 years and it has shown results in lowering the stress hormone Cortisol and reducing inflammation in the body.

Learn how to harness the tools of meditation and follow a simple 10-step meditation practice here.

Weight Loss Basics: Water Intake

Our bodies are about 60 percent water.

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Considering how quickly we lose water– through urine and sweat– it makes sense that we need to consistently replenish ourselves.

While all of our bodies and needs are different due to our varying BMIs and activity levels, it's accepted that you should drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day.

It's important to make sure that your body isn't dehydrated while you try to exercise and increase muscle mass.

Weight Loss Basics: Clean Dieting

As we like to say around here, you can't out-exercise a bad diet.

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As much as I wanted to tell myself that binging on Burger King after “crushing it” at the gym was okay, there's no way to justify a poor diet.

The food that you put into your body is the building blocks upon which your muscles are made.

If you try to build a masterpiece with poor quality materials, it will just fall apart.

That's why we developed our free 1-day meal plan to help you identify delicious, wholesome foods that you can mix and match.

This “no-think” diet makes sure you enjoy what you're eating while staying within healthy guidelines.

Weight Loss Basics: Consistent Physical Activity

When you're starting on a weight loss journey, it's easy to get overzealous and exhaust yourself.

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But if you're new to, or just getting back into fitness, exhausting your muscles can be physically harmful and mentally discouraging.

Think about it– if you're debilitatingly sore from your first workout, how motivated will you be to get back at it the next day?

That's why we recommend maintaining 30 minutes of physical activity per day when you start your diet.

Your 30 minutes of physical activity could be walking or jogging around your block, playing soccer with your kids or taking a bike ride.

The most important thing to remember here is that you want to go for consistency.

Weight Loss Basics: Formal Exercises

Once you've maintained consistent physical activity every day for about 3 weeks, you're ready to start with formal exercise.

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Our formal exercise program called FF30X is designed specifically for busy fathers like you.

In this 30-day fitness program, you'll find fat loss workout guides and a complete diet plan.

FF30X provides workout plans that cater to any type of schedule, no matter how full.

From cardio plans to full body weight plans, FF30X provides clear instructions and realistic goals for a working man.

Don't Wait for Weight Loss

Now that you've learned the weight loss basics, you're prepared to start the journey yourself.

weight loss basicsBut there's one more thing we'd like to share with you before you start.

No matter how prepared you are, it is still comforting to go through a fitness plan with a support group.

That's why the Fit Father Project created a forum where all of our dads can share their experiences!

And judging by the before and after pictures on the right, you'd be crazy to not want their advice.

Your friend in health,

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A small note about research cited in this article:
*Always remember: weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual. Just because these studies cite certain data does not mean you will experience these results. Always consult with your doctor before making decisions about your health. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on weight loss basics.