Welcome To The Fit Father Project – Here’s Where To Start

Video message from Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Founder of The Fit Father Project

Join over 30,000 “Fit Fathers” in our Brotherhood who have committed to living healthier, longer, and stronger for their families. These FREE Resources I’ve linked for you below are the BEST PLACE to start.

My Recommendation For You : Think about what you’d like the MOST SUPPORT with now (diet or exercise), and PICK ONE of these powerful to start with. Having a main focus point as you dive into these powerful resources will ensure you get the best results by applying the tips & strategies into your life.

Free Resource #1 - The 1-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan For Busy Fathers

fit father meal plan start here newThis is the #1 Most Downloaded Free Weight Loss Meal Plan - Built Specifically For Busy Men

Who is this for: If you've ever felt like following a healthy diet was restrictive or complicated, this meal plan is perfect FOR YOU. It's simple, delicious, and finally "doable" with your busy life.

What you'll discover: Inside, you'll discover exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, & dinner - to lose weight consistently every week - the healthy way without starving, cravings, or giving up your favorite foods. You'll get the exact recipes to follow. Which foods to eat. When to eat your meals. AND we'll show you how to make following a healthy diet actually sustainable.

How do I get my Free Copy? Simply click here to get a free copy of this meal plan sent immediately to your email.
*My team will email your full plan right away AND I have a "little surprise welcome gift" for you too I'll send with your plan.

Free Resource #2 - The 24-Min Metabolism Boosting Workout For Busy Fathers (Free Video)

This powerful workout will reignite your metabolism to burn fat 24/7 like you did in your 20s. Designed for busy men over 40.

laptop-24-min-workout-newWho is this for: If you've ever felt like: 1) you have "no time" to exercise 2) your metabolism is slowing down 3) you aren't seeing results from your workouts ... then this "24-Min Workout" is for YOU.

What you'll discover: Inside, you'll discover the 5 KEY Exercises you need to be doing to burn fat and rebuild lean muscle as a busy guy over 40. I'm going to show you the full routine - plus I'll teach you how to fit this this powerful workout into your busy schedule.

What do I need? 24 min. 5ft of floor space. A pair of weights (dumbbells or kids).

How do I get my Free Workout? Simply click here to get the full workout video sent immediately to your email.
*My team will email your workout video right away AND I also have a "little surprise welcome gift" for you as well.

FFP Youtube for site

Free Resource #4 - The FFP Youtube & Facebook Pages

We publish new workout and motivation videos on Youtube every week. Here are some of our favorites below:

Our Youtube Channel - Subscribe using the link below for Free Videos:

Our Facebook Page - Like us using the link below for Free Motivation & Tips straight to your newsfeed:

Finally, Here's Our Fit Father Project Pledge

We put together this special pledge as a way of describing our core values here at the Fit Father Project. We call this our "Fit Father Pledge." It's an oath that represents what we believe a Fit Father represents. We aspire to live this oath our every day.

As a Fit Father...

I pledge to keep my body healthy.

Because I know that health is the foundation of my ability to protect and provide for my family.

I pledge to never give up on myself and my health.

Even though I’ve struggled with my health in the past, I will continue to persevere because my health is something too important to quit on.

I pledge to set a healthy example for my children.

My family means the world to me, and I know that my actions speak 100x louder than my words. I will show my kids how they should take care of their bodies by taking care of mine.

I pledge to honor my faith by honoring my body.

My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that runs through every human, and it is my duty to keep my body as healthy as possible to honor and glorify God.

I pledge to view getting healthy as an opportunity to become a better man.

Even though the road to getting healthy isn’t always easy, I know that this journey is leading me toward the path of growth and improvement.

I pledge to believe in my ability to reinvent – at any age.

Every moment is a fresh new chance to define how I want to live moving forward. I know that I can reinvent my body, health, and life, at any age – like the thousands of other men in this Fit Father brotherhood.

I pledge to support my fellow Fit Fathers on their journeys.

We are all in this together. I will set an example of through how I carry myself, and I pledge to gracefully receive support from my fellow brothers in my own times of need.

I pledge to walk the Fit Father Path.

I pledge to step up fully to my sacred duty as a father: to live healthy and strong – for myself, my family, and the world.

Dr. Anthony headshot 600I am honored and grateful that you found the Fit Father Project, my friend. I don't think it's an accident that you're here. I can't wait to help you transform your body and finally get strong & healthy for both yourself and your family.

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Also: if you're interested in learning more about me, here's a link to my personal biography, the story about my father, and why I started the Fit Father Project.

-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
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P.S. Feel free to message me with any thoughts, questions, or just to connect. I'd love to hear from you.

P.S.If you're looking for a link to our famous Fit Father 30-Day Program, click here to read the program overview letter.