Protein is one of the most important, if not the most important nutrient in your healthy eating plan. I will show you in this short guide, what Protein is and how it can help you in whatever main goal you have.

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So let's dive in and see why Protein is so important.

What is Protein?

Protein is an organic compound made up of Amino acids. These Amino acids are separated into 2 categories, essential and non-essential.

The essential amino acids are not made naturally by our bodies, so need to be taken in through our diets.

The non-essential Amino acids can be made by our bodies from the essential Amino acids we take in.

What does it do?

Protein is used to build and repair lean tissue. This means that it is an essential part of our diet, making it possible for our muscles to grow and fully recover after intense training sessions.

Taking in the correct amount of Protein will assist in whatever health & fitness goal you have. If you are looking to lose weight, your Protein intake will make sure that you keep as much lean tissue as possible, therefore keeping your metabolism high.

If you want to gain muscle, your Protein intake will feed and fuel the growth of muscles following intense resistance training.

How much do I need?

Your Protein intake should be approximately 45-50% of your daily calorific consumption. This should be spread equally throughout the day, making sure you have 1 portion at every meal. You can top up your protein intake by using a good quality protein powder once per day.

Where do I get it?

The best sources of Protein are:

  • Eggs
  • Skinless Chicken or Turkey breast (White meat)
  • White Fish
  • Lean Red Meat
  • Good quality Protein powder

So, there you have it. A short, but to the point, guide all about protein. I hope it was helpful to you and answered your questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below, or hit me up via the website or FFP Facebook page.

I wish you every success in whatever goal you have.

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*We hoped you enjoyed this article. Remember to always consult your doctor before making any health changes. This is not medical advice – just well researched info.