Raise your hand if any of these appeal to you: living longer, having more energy, lower stress levels. Now, raise your hand if you know the one method that can help you achieve all of these goals.


Physical activity is the number one way to increase your quality of life.

But did you know, you don't need to follow a formal exercise routine or have a personal trainer to achieve this?

You can glean the benefits of physical activity by simply taking a bike ride, going for a jog or playing with your kids.

The most important part of physical activity is maintaining this activity consistently.

Learn more about the benefits of physical activity and how you can enjoy them in your daily life with the tips below!

Do it for your heart

Being heart-healthy is no joke. One in every four deaths in the United States are attributed to heart disease.

While heart disease is a serious condition and problem, it has a relatively simple prevention plan: exercise.

benefits of physical activity

Any physical activity that increases your heart rate and gets you breathing faster is an activity that will challenge your heart to work harder and more efficiently.

Try activities like jogging, jump rope or bike riding to get some good cardio in and encourage your heart to work.

Our 24-minute fat burning workout has great ideas to get you warmed up to physical activity.

Do it for your bones

You encourage your kids to drink milk for their bones… but what are you doing to fortify your own?

One of the most important benefits of physical activity is healthy bones.

benefits of physical activity

When you pick up weights to work out, your body will respond by strengthening your muscles and bones to accommodate a heavier load.

Similarly, high impact exercises fortify your bones.

When you go running or climbing stairs, for instance, your body is bearing its own weight. To make sure it can perform this way, your body responds by strengthening your muscles and bones.

To an extent, your body has a “use it or lose it” mentality.

If you just sit around and never ask your bones to be strong, you are at a higher likelihood to develop osteoporosis (a weakening of the bones).

Do it for your energy levels

Your body is up for a challenge. If you ask it to perform for you, it will!

What we mean is, if you start a new routine of walking or jogging around your neighborhood every morning, you may be sore for the first week.

benefits of physical activity

But after that week, your body will adjust to the ‘challenge' you gave it and adapt. Amazing, right?

So if you ask your body to participate in increased levels of physical activity, you may be as tired as you were sore.

However, over time, your body will develop MORE ENERGY because it knows that you need more energy in your days now.

In addition, physical activity will send more blood pumping through you and help your body work more efficiently. This again translates to more energy for you.

Do it for a slimmer waist

This one is a bit obvious– one of the main benefits of physical activity is weight loss.

benefits of physical activity

Physical activity naturally burns calories. If you combine this new routine with a healthy diet, your body will reduce the fat it's carrying, and your favorite pants will be less snug.

It really is a win-win. For you to see these results, about 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise is needed per day.

For more information on how to set a healthy diet, check our our free 1-day meal plan.

Do it for your mental health

It's important to know that your physical health and your mental health are linked.

benefits of physical activity

It's very easy to brush this connection off and to only care about what the eyes can see– your physical health. But your mental state is just as important.

When you engage in consistent physical activity, you may notice a gradual but significant shift in your mental health.

A mix of hormones released during exercise along with an improved self-image can significantly improve your mental state.

Do it for YOU and your family

At the end of the day, it's YOUR heart, YOUR body and YOUR mind and spirit that you live in. It's incredibly important to take care of all aspects of your health.

benefits of physical activity

You being a healthy, vibrant leader of your family could not be more important to their happiness too.

When you are prioritizing your health, know that you are giving back to your family, not taking away from them.

Our favorite way to attain the benefits of physical activity is WITH our families. Think about how fun and healthy a Sunday afternoon bike ride every week can be.

The behavior that you model for your children– healthy or not– is behavior that they are very likely to emulate in their own lives.

If you'd like more ideas on how to jumpstart your physical activity, look into our 24-minute fat burning workout. Our free 1-day meal plan is an excellent resource to pair with your new exercise routine.

Check out the rest of our site for more tips on seeking health in your daily life.

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