HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is very popular in today's fitness industry. fat burn interval training best HIIT workout You may already know that HIIT allows you to work out faster and more efficiently. So, it's not unusual to take the next step and ask, “what is the best HIIT workout?”

Research shows that the best HIIT workout routines can boost your weight loss, maximize muscle growth, and enhance your performance.

But you might not have realized that it can also increase your calorific burn after the workout and boost your flexibility.

HIIT is one powerful workout routine!

Now you know what it is, I’m going to show you 3 of the best HIIT workout routines to enable you to lift your game and feel the burn.

Workout 1 – Tabata

Tabata training is named after the Japanese scientist that discovered it.

tabata method

Research on 2 groups of athletes showed that those who undertook HIIT saw an improvement in their aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Athletes who trained at a moderate level simply saw an increase in aerobic fitness.

One exercise in a Tabata workout will last 4 minutes. You’ll work hard for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds.

Do the exercise 8 times in this fashion, and that’s the toughest 4 minutes you’ll ever know.

The results aren't just what makes this one of the best HIIT workout routines. You can select virtually any exercise, providing it targets large muscle groups.

You can even add some dumbbells if you want to push your limits.

man running up hills best HIIT workout The most important part of this routine is to give it maximum effort. You should feel like you are exhausted at the end of each exercise.

But, you only get a 1-minute rest between exercises!

You should be aiming to do 4 different exercises, which will equate to 20 minutes of exercise. It’s definitely one of the best HIIT workout routines and quite possibly the best workout you’ll ever have.

The idea is to push your maximum heart rate hard.

The Routine

Here‘s one routine for you to try:

  • man doing push up best HIIT workoutPush-UpsPick the push-up you find the hardest, whether standard, close grip, one leg, or your personal favorite. Do them for 20 seconds, rest for 10 and then repeat 8 times.

The push-up will work your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.

  • SquatsStand with legs shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself down until your hips are lower than your knees. Your back should stay in the same position.

Add some dumbbells to make it more difficult or even try our jump squats.

Again, 20 seconds on, 10 off for 4 minutes. This exercise targets your buttocks, thighs, and hips.

  • LungesSimply stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands by your side. Move one foot forward so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. The calf on your back leg should also be parallel and just above the floor.

Come back to a starting position and repeat with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. It is advisable to switch legs each time.

This exercise targets your thighs, hamstrings, and buttocks.

  • best HIIT workout burpeesBurpeesStart in a standing position and then drop to a crouch, knees bent with hands on the floor. Kick your legs back to put yourself in a standing plank position.

Then bring your legs back forward into the crouch position and leap into the air. Your hands should reach as high above you as possible.

Again, repeat for 20 seconds and pause for 10 for 8 times.

This exercise will target your glutes, quads, arms, chest, abs, and hamstrings! You should have legs like lead when you finish.

Workout 2 – HIIT Cardio

This is a really easy boost to your usual routine. You simply need to choose an aerobic routine you love, whether running, cycling, spinning, swimming, or even walking.

best HIIT workout sprintingThe idea is to simply ramp it up a bit. Select your activity and switch between high and low intensity.

For example, start walking for 2 minutes, then sprint for 1 minute, then repeat for between 20 and 30 minutes.

It’s that simple! You can do it in an aerobic class, using cardio equipment or without any aids.

This is one of the best HIIT workout routines simply because it is so simple! The main advantage over Tabata HIIT is that you won’t need to be looking at your watch as much.

To really get the best HIIT workout, it is a good idea to alternate your training between the Tabata HIIT and cardio HIIT.

You could even try our 24-minute workout.

free fat burning workout

Workout 3 – HIIT Classes

If you take a look at what activities are going on in your area, you will probably find HIIT classes.

These can be a great way to start HIIT training. In fact, in many ways, they are the best HIIT workout available because:

  • You don’t need to time watch, just focus on the exercises you are told to do.
  • Motivation to do each workout will be higher as you need to be at a certain place.
  • You can compete against classmates as well as yourself to improve faster.
  • Weights can be easily added to make it more challenging.

best HIIT workout

It is important to verify that you have HIIT classes in your area and to commit to going.

As with any of the best HIIT workout routines, to really benefit, you’ll need to do them consistently.

Perhaps the best part about classes is that you don’t need to keep up with everyone else in the gym.

As long as you complete each exercise, your fitness level and health will improve. The fact that you’ll burn fat and build muscle is a welcome bonus!

Discover the Best HIIT Workout

HIIT increases your metabolic rate by switching it on and off rapidly.

best HIIT workoutIt will also stimulate growth hormone, which will increase your calorific burn for a long time after you've completed the workout!

The greatest thing about HIIT and why these are the best HIIT workout exercises is that they can be done anywhere. You don’t need expensive equipment, just the desire to succeed.

It’s also fast, you can always find the time to squeeze in a HIIT workout, and our free 24-minute workout can be the perfect addition to your HIIT training.

free fat burning workout

If you have limited time, this is the perfect solution.

You can train every day, working different muscles, and you’ll see and feel the benefits very quickly.

Don't forget, I'll be here every step of the way to help and guide you.

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