Finding Motivation: How Fit Father Glen Turned His Life Around At Age 57

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

finding motivation

Struggling with finding motivation? See how Fit Father Glen did it at the young age of 57 — and turned his life around!

Sometimes, even an impactful career and an otherwise good life aren't enough to motivate you to live healthily.

And this was the case with Glen Page, a proud educator for over 30 years. 

He hit a point in his life where even his bright career was not making him happy, especially when he realized that his weight had increased to 205 lbs.

“I am 5′ 9-1/2″, and I'm like how did my weight creep up to 205? That was probably from years of just being too busy. I had transitioned to working as a school administrator, where I spent a lot of time as a desk jockey, just not getting up, not getting out and walking, not doing the things that I love to do.”

Glen recalls how active he was in his younger days and how he ended up gaining the extra pounds amid his busy family and work life. 

“As a younger man, I was always hiking. I was a competitive swimmer in high school as well. But, between life happening, to kids, wife, everything else, I just slacked off and wound up putting on the pounds and found myself eventually just looking at it, going, you know, there's this gut here, there's this spare tire and love handles, that need to go away.”

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How an Annual Visit to the Doctor Became a Game Changer

For Glen, an annual appointment with his doctor was an eye-opener.

Despite trying to be more active and lose the extra pounds, Glen learned that his blood pressure was high.

His doctor presented him with two options — add more medication or lose weight. 

“I think one of the turning points was when my doctor said, your blood pressure's back up. We can either put you on another med or you can try to lose some weight. And then he just said, but nobody ever loses weight. So here's another med. And I was like, wait a minute. This is not right.”

At that very moment, Glen knew that adding more medication was not the right direction. He had to do something to get rid of the excess weight.

Glen talks about how the FFP helped him reduce his medication and transform his health.


The Real Turning Point in Glen’s Life

While the annual visit to the doctor was a game-changer for Glen, he reached the real turning point when two of his close friends had major heart attacks.

He could see himself in the same spot.

That’s when he started to lose weight.

“The real turning point was about three years ago when I had a couple of very close friends, one who's a couple of years younger than me, one who's a couple of years older. Both of them had massive heart attacks within about six weeks. And I found myself going, wait a minute, that's me if I don't turn this around.”

Glen shares the goals and challenges he used to build a healthier lifestyle.


DIY Weight Loss Techniques Weren't Delivering Desired Results

Even though Glen was focusing on losing weight by staying more active and consuming a healthy diet, his efforts were not delivering the desired results.

He was barely noticing any changes in his body.

“I tried starting to lose weight, tried starting to get back into shape and everything I was thinking of — fewer calories, a little more activity, etc. — was working, but I wasn't seeing a change in my muscle definition and the gut wasn't going away. It was just there, and it was hard to get rid of.”

So, Glen started searching for answers.

One day, while surfing Facebook, Glen came across the Fit Father Project.

He was a little skeptical at first, but he decided to explore it.

“When I found the program and got into it, it just clicked. And not only did the weight start dropping off, but I started to see things like the love handles disappear. The gut disappeared.”

Finding Motivation and Transforming Lives With The Fit Father Project

Joining the Fit Father Project proved to be a gamer changer for Glen, but the journey from fat to fit was not easy.

“It was a struggle. I've never been a gym person. Never liked going, never wanted to do anything in front of anybody else.”

But with the Fit Father Project’s unique circuit workouts, Glen could do it all at home.

He found his motivation and began tying it all together — diet, exercise, and overall wellness.

So what would he say to someone who’s looking to join the Fit Father Project?

“Just do the best you can. Each time, try to go a little bit further. Your body adjusts to it, your muscles adjust to it, and you get further and further each time. And then at the end of the month, you're looking at it and going, hey, that wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Look forward, not back, just continue forward, keep going. You'll see the changes. And you'll really know you see the changes when somebody actually says something to you when somebody looks at you and says, are you losing weight?”

finding motivation

3 Key Takeaways From Glen’s Journey

To summarize, here are three key lessons you can learn from Glen’s successful health and fitness journey:

Lesson 1: Try and Try Again

Don't get discouraged if things don't go your way.

Whether it's on your fitness journey or with anything else in life, face your challenges head-on.

Don't give up. Keep trying, and you’ll get there.

Lesson 2: Don't Be Afraid to Fail

It's OK to fail, we all do.

When you try something new like FF30X, you'll experience something that you never felt before and possibly build something that you never thought was possible.

If you fail by doing that, it just means lessons learned and building blocks acquired for your next challenge.

Lesson 3: Build the Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is everything.

It’s the key to your success.

Your mindset determines how you view yourself and the world around you, and it influences your outcomes.

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Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, NMD
Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Founder Fit Father Project, Founder Fit Mother Project

After watching his own Dad lose his health and pass away at the young age of 42, Dr. Balduzzi founded The Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project to help busy dads and moms get and stay healthy for their families.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi holds dual degrees in Psychology & Nutrition from the University of Pennsylvania, a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, and is also a former national champion bodybuilder. He’s is most proud of the fact that he’s helped over 40,000 families in over 100 countries lose weight and get healthy for life.

*Please know that weight loss results and health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on finding motivation.

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

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