Getting Healthy Anywhere: How Fit Father Russell Overcame Excuses and Obstacles to Get in the Best Shape of His Life!

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

NMD - Men's Health Doctor & Founder, The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Founder, Fit Father Project
Founder, Fit Mother Project

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

NMD - Men's Health Doctor & Founder, The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Founder, Fit Father Project
Founder, Fit Mother Project

Getting Healthy Anywhere

Getting healthy anywhere means doing whatever it takes, whenever you can. And this is a story of one Fit Father doing just that!

Russell is a 51-year-old father and grandfather who found the Fit Father Project at a unique time in his life.

In 2020, during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, when everything was locked down and/or closed, Russell was living out of a hotel room occupied with a project for work.

With a family history of heart attacks and a traveling lifestyle that didn’t leave much room for healthy eating or exercise, Russell knew he needed a change.

He also wanted to make sure he was always there for his children and granddaughter, so despite being in a less-than-ideal situation, he started looking for ways to get healthy.

He needed a diet and exercise plan that he could do out of his hotel room.

Something easy that could help him get healthy anywhere, anytime.

He found FF30X and Old School Muscle (OSM), bought a blender and some dumbbells, and was on his way!

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Stuck On the Road — And On the Road to Heart Disease

Russell's grandfather had his first heart attack when he was 49.

So, with his hectic travel schedule, not-so-healthy diet, and sedentary lifestyle, Russell was worried that he was following the same path. 

“I could see that I was on the road to a heart attack or something with the way I was going. I wasn't taking care of myself. I realized I wanted to be around for my 19-year-old daughter and 30-year-old son.”

Russell was a gym enthusiast in his younger days. His father owned a Gold's Gym, and he worked out there every day. 

But, as he grew up and his responsibilities grew, health and fitness took a back seat.

“In 2008, I ended up on high blood pressure medicine, and I had sleep apnea. I had a CPAP machine.”

In May 2020, when the world was on lockdown and Russell was living in a hotel room for work, he realized he was out of shape and had no stamina.

He was on Zoom calls with people who were talking about how they were working from home and doing nothing but snacking all day, sitting at the computer. He wanted the opposite.

That's when he started looking for the right fitness program.

“I started running a little, but it was hard on the knees. So I was looking for something I could do in my hotel room, especially since gyms were closed. So I started doing a lot of Google searching and finally came across the Fit Father Project.”

Russell started his Fit Father Project journey with the FF30X.

“I started doing everything in the hotel room. I started with the diet. I went and bought a little blender and made my shakes right there in the room. Within the first week, I dropped about three or four pounds. I was able to get a set of 15-pound dumbbells, and I started doing the Apex Program right there in the room, as well.”

After about three weeks, he started Old School Muscle (OSM).

Russell admired the simplicity and versatility of the Fit Father Project meal plan.

“The breakfast plan, lunch, snacks, and shakes are really for me. Since I was working in the power plant industry, I was working different shifts. The Fit Father meal plan was suitable for any shift I was working and whatever my schedule was. It was tailor-made for that.”

Thanks to the Fit Father meal plan, Russell now knows his proper portions and the Perfect Plate

Getting Healthy Anywhere Led To a Healthier and Fitter Life

Besides dropping weight and gaining muscle, Russell began getting healthier.

“After starting the Fit Father Project, I was able to get off my blood pressure medicine. I quit using the CPAP as the weight came off. I also started seeing changes in my physique.”

Exercise didn't hurt his joints anymore, and he wasn't spending hours in the gym.

“Apex three days a week for 30-45 minutes, and I was getting highly effective exercise.”

The Old School Muscle Program helped Russell with strength training and weight resistance.

“On the squats, I was doing 110 pounds for eight to 10 reps. After three months, once I graduated from Old School Muscle, I went to 285 pounds for six to eight reps.”

Previously, Russell's cholesterol levels weren't great. However, his numbers improved after six months on the Fit Father Project.

“My HDL was at 42 and my LDL was at 100.”

Find out how you, too, can be healthy anywhere and anytime, even on a busy work schedule!

Inspiring His Family

Russell is now an inspiration for his daughter and son.

His daughter said, “I've never seen you without a belly, dad. And now you have a six-pack. I never thought I would see you with that!”

For him, it's a great feeling to hear these words from his daughter.

“My transformation has inspired my son to do better and start looking at his health. You know, he has a daughter now. He says he wants to start now at 30 and not wait until he is 50.”

According to Russell, the Fit Father Project has not just helped him gain fitness and health but also confidence. 

“After the physical transformation, I feel more comfortable. I can get up in front of a crowd on a project and speak. I've always been more of an introvert. Now I don't hesitate to get out there and share my story. I'm more outgoing and outspoken.”

So what would Russell say to someone looking to join the Fit Father Project?

“You're never too old to start. You're never too out of shape to start. When you start, give yourself the time to see some results. Don't get frustrated or quit too soon. Do justice to yourself. Follow the program. It's very simple. I saw results within the first week. Do it for yourself and your family, your loved ones, whatever, whoever it may be, but be disciplined. Don't give up.”

Getting Healthy Anywhere

3 Key Takeaways From Russell's Journey

To summarize, here are three key lessons you can learn from Russell’s successful health and fitness journey:

Lesson 1: “Now” Is the Right Time to Begin

There's no “right time” to work on your health and fitness.

The time to start is now.

Now is the best time to begin anything you want to do in your life.

Stop making excuses. It's now or never. 

Lesson 2: Physical Activity Is Important, but Nutrition Is Key

Physical activity is indeed essential to living a healthy and fit life.

However, proper nutrition is also vital; it is imperative to maximize your stamina.

Integrating both nutrition and physical activity produces more significant benefits than focusing on one or the other.

Lesson 3: When You Feel Fit, You Feel More Confident

A fit body goes a long way in developing confidence.

In other words, exercising can make you feel more comfortable with yourself and increase your self-confidence.

While working out and following proper nutrition, you're likely to strengthen and tone your body.

Achieving these results can significantly improve your self-esteem.

What is FF30X?

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With short metabolic training workouts, an easy-to-follow meal plan, and an accountability team that is there for you at every step, FF30X can help you lose 30, 40, or even 50+ lbs — even if you’ve never picked up a weight in your life. 

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Dr. Anthony Balduzzi NMD - Men's Health Doctor & Founder, The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Founder, Fit Father Project
Founder, Fit Mother Project

After watching his own Dad lose his health and pass away at the young age of 42, Dr. Balduzzi founded The Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project to help busy dads and moms get and stay healthy for their families.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi holds dual degrees in Psychology & Nutrition from the University of Pennsylvania, a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, and is also a former national champion bodybuilder. He’s is most proud of the fact that he’s helped over 40,000 families in over 100 countries lose weight and get healthy for life.

*Please know that weight loss results and health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on getting healthy anywhere.

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

NMD - Men's Health Doctor & Founder, The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Founder, Fit Father Project
Founder, Fit Mother Project

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