It's generally accepted that the first Thanksgiving feast was held on November 1621, after the collection of the pilgrim’s first harvest. Surprisingly, what they ate back then is similar to what we still eat today.

The problem of what to do with the remaining turkey is, therefore, not a new one!

In this article, I'll offer you a solution…well, 6 actually! 🙂

There is a way to have your turkey and enjoy it!

Thanksgiving leftovers

The Challenge

You may have found it hard to stick to your healthy eating plan recently with the Thanksgiving and impending Christmas break. Committing to eating turkey sandwiches for the next few days will probably push you over the edge.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to eat your Thanksgiving leftovers. The following healthy snacks can actually make it enjoyable to finish off your turkey at all sorts of times of the day.

6 Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers Snacks

Try any one of these, and you’ll be wishing it was Thanksgiving every week, just so you can enjoy these tasty, healthy Thanksgiving leftovers snacks.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Snack #1. Cucumber Topped Bites

Thanksgiving leftoversThis is really simple to make and full of protein, giving you and your muscles a much-needed boost in the middle of the day.

You’ll need:

• 1 or 2 cucumbers
• 1 pot hummus
• Leftover Turkey pieces

The Method:

Cut the cucumbers into chunky slices.

Add a spoonful of hummus; this can be flavored if you desire.

Place a piece or pieces of leftover turkey on top.

This is the perfect accompaniment for an evening of entertainment, light yet delicious and easy to grab with your fingers.

You can even pack them into a box and take them to work with you to snack on during the day.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Snack #2. Turkey & Vegetable Soup

Thanksgiving leftoversThis may seem like a fairly standard option after Thanksgiving, but it is an excellent way of getting back into a healthy eating plan if you are giving yourself the day off.

It also uses up the turkey and keeps it as moist as the moment it was cooked.

You’ll need:

• Baby spinach.
• Olive Oil
• Onion – chopped
• Carrot – also chopped
• Celery – again chopped
• Brown lentils; canned is fine, but they will need to be drained
• Leftover turkey- without the skin
• Chicken stock – low sodium alternative preferably
• Bay leaves
• Cayenne Pepper
• Japanese Sweet Rice

The Method:

To create this delicious soup, simply take a handful of baby spinach and slice it up into small pieces.

Next, add your chopped onion to the carrot and celery to a large pot. This should have a tablespoon of olive oil in it and be ready to simmer your vegetables for approximately 4 minutes.

You can then add your can of lentils, approximately 6 ounces of turkey, chopped and roughly 6 cups of the stock, and one tablespoon of Japanese sweet rice.

You can also add two bay leaves.

This mixture should be cooked for approximately 20 minutes. Then add a pinch of cayenne pepper and stir one more time before dishing up.

Don’t forget to remove the bay leaves.

Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers Snack #3. Turkey Omelet

Thanksgiving leftoversThis is a great option to enjoy as a snack during the day or for your breakfast. Not only does it use a little of all the Thanksgiving leftovers, but it also provides a protein-rich snack or meal.

You’ll need:

• 2 Large eggs plus 4 egg whites
• Pinch of salt and pepper
• 2 ounces of your leftover turkey, skinless
• Cut asparagus spears; probably leftover as well
• 2 tablespoons of leftover cranberry sauce
• 2 ounces Brie cheese
• Splash of cooking oil

The Method:

Start by whisking your eggs and egg whites together. Once blended, you can add a pinch of salt and black pepper.

You then need to put a little cooking oil into a pan and bring it up to heat; this will allow you to pour your egg mixture into the pan without it sticking everywhere.

Gradually push the cooked edges into the center, allowing the uncooked egg mixture to reach the edges.

Once you’ve managed to cook the eggs, you can add your asparagus and turkey and continue cooking for approximately one minute.

Then add the brie cheese and continue to cook until it has all melted.

Your omelet is ready. Serve and add cranberry sauce if required!

Thanksgiving Leftovers Snack #4. Turkey Casserole

Thanksgiving leftoversThis is more of a meal than a snack during the day, but it is worth considering, helping you use up the Thanksgiving leftovers.

You will find this is actually one of the easiest meals to make as it can be prepared and left to cook.

It is important to note that a casserole dish or slow cooker is essential for this recipe to be successful.

You’ll need:

• 4 ounces Leftover turkey without skin
• 4 ounces Leftover carrots – chopped
• 4 ounces green beans – again leftovers
• 4 ounces sweet potatoes – preferably mashed
• A little leftover stuffing
• Gravy or low sodium chicken stock
• 2 tablespoons cranberry sauce

The Method:

Simply mix all the ingredients together and then tip them into a casserole dish.

You can oil this if necessary, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

You can then leave this to simmer on a low heat for several hours or cook on a higher heat for approximately one hour, then enjoy.

A complete, tasty, and moist meal!

Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers Snack #5. Toasted Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving leftoversThis is pretty much as the name suggests.

You’ll need:

• 2 Slices Ezekiel bread or Whole wheat bread
• Leftover pumpkin pie filling
• Chopped fruit or nuts, to your liking

The Method:

Put the Ezekiel or whole wheat bread into your toaster and wait for it to come up with the right color.

Then take some of the pumpkin pie filling and spread it on your toast.

To finish, add some chopped apple, banana, or even some nuts.

This healthy Thanksgiving leftovers snack can be ready in a few minutes and will make your mouth water without nudging in all the calories of a slice of pie.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Snack #6. Alternative Turkey Wrap

Thanksgiving leftoversInstead of slipping some skinless turkey in between two slices of bread, you can create a delicious snack or sandwich by using lettuce as bread.

You’ll need:

• Large lettuce leaves
• Leftover Turkey
• Leftover veggies – chopped
• Leftover Gravy or Cranberry Sauce

The Method:

Simply lay the lettuce out, add some turkey and drizzle with chopped green beans, gravy, or even a little leftover cranberry sauce!


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Here's wishing you and your family a great Thanksgiving!

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