Weight Loss Mindset: 21 Ways To Harness the Power of Your Mind

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

weight loss mindset

What's your weight loss mindset? Do you have one? Are you harnessing the power of mindset at all?

Changing your thinking can help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Whether it's a promotion, improvements in work/life balance, or, yes, even weight loss, changing your mindset is the first step to achieving the future you desire.

Your mindset includes thought patterns and how you perceive and approach everyday situations. A positive mindset can help you commit to, follow through with, and meet your goals — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Being grateful for what you have and appreciating the positive aspects of your life is the key to happiness and success. Visualize a positive future and picture yourself achieving all of your goals. Tell yourself and your mind that you can accomplish anything — because you can!

Finding the right weight loss mindset is about developing effective strategies to help you meet your short-term and long-term targets. Keep reading to find out how!

Learn more about creating a positive mindset and stopping negative thoughts and self-talk!


21 Ways to Utilize the Power of Mindset and Harness Your Weight Loss Mindset

Consider these tips for building your weight loss mindset and improving your health, wellness, and happiness!

1. Get in the “Work Hard” Mindset

The right weight loss mindset helps you change thought and behavior patterns to work hard to make life changes. While getting healthy and fit may be easier than you thought possible, it still takes hard work and dedication. Get in the right mindset that hard work and not giving up often lead to great rewards!

2. Stay Dedicated

Stay dedicated to your goals to improve your chance of long-term success! Don't give up if you have an off day (or even an off week) regarding your health, wellness, and overall well-being. Get back on track the next day and keep moving forward.

Know that hard work and dedication produce unlimited rewards, so keep that in mind when you're not particularly motivated. Take days off periodically, whether taking time off from workouts, allowing yourself a “cheat” meal, or taking a mental health day off to unwind and refresh.

3. Think Positive Thoughts

Focusing on positive thought patterns offers you and your family a variety of wellness benefits as you work toward meeting your future goals. Thinking positively is one of the best ways to stay motivated about the future, improve your mood, and make others enjoy being around you.

Positive things are present in just about any life situation you encounter. Most things in life have good and bad, so focus on the good to make your weight loss mindset successful. If you haven't accomplished your desired life goals, visualize your future using a positive attitude, and don't get discouraged if you hit bumps in the road.

Keep a positive mindset when interacting with co-workers, friends, and family. Try to eliminate feelings of anger, jealousy, blaming others, complaining, gossiping, and badmouthing other people. Instead, focus on all of the positive parts of your life and build upon them to achieve the success you and your family deserve.

4. Set Goals

In addition to having the right weight loss mindset, you need tangible goals to strive for. Establish short and long-term targets and get in the mindset to accomplish them. Picture what your life will look like after achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Examples of goals you might consider for yourself, depending on your personalized needs, include:

Health Goals: Achieve normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, control blood sugar if you have diabetes, maintain balanced hormones, achieve healthy body weight, eliminate nutrient deficiencies, reduce stress, quit smoking if you're a smoker, and limit or avoid alcohol.

Diet and Exercise Goals: Eat at least three servings of vegetables daily, consume protein during each meal, consume three servings of dairy foods or plant-based alternatives, sleep at least 7 hours each night, and find active hobbies you and your family enjoy.

Weight Loss/Body Composition Goals: Lose 1-2 pounds each week, increase muscle mass, increase your muscle-to-fat ratio, or lose inches off of your waist circumference.

Finance/Career Goals: Find a job you love, quit a job that isn't good for your mental or emotional health, get a promotion, start your own business, work flexible hours, or achieve a better work/life balance.

Relationship Goals: Get married or improve the quality of your marriage, spend more time with your family, and develop and maintain close friendships.

Personal Goals: Stay organized, be patient, be slow to anger, read more books, learn new life skills, complete continuing education for your job, try new adventures, learn to invest money, spend more time outdoors, or take yearly vacations.

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5. Be Grateful and Show Love

Being grateful for what you have is often difficult for some people but remember that the grass isn't greener on the other side. The perfect life that others might portray isn't always what it seems.

Chances are that not all aspects of your life are perfect, but you probably still have many things and people to be grateful for. Don't lose sight of what's important in life (food, shelter, jobs, health, friends, and family). Spend time being grateful for all the good things you have going on to avoid regrets later.

A weight loss mindset will work best if you have things you love and are passionate about. List things you love, such as time with family and friends, your job, and active hobbies.

It's important to enjoy life to its fullest whenever you have the chance to do so.

Set aside time daily for family, friends, exercise, sleep, stress-reduction strategies, etc. Use the power of mindset to know that you CAN achieve what you put your mind to — including exceptional health and happiness.

6. Make a Schedule

Develop a daily schedule and stick with it as best you can. Doing so makes it easier to accomplish your goals.

Go to bed at the same time each night, wake up and work out at about the same time, and eat regular meals (avoid skipping meals).

Make it a goal to stick to your schedule as much as possible. Whether your goal is to complete work tasks on time, spend more time with family, or boost exercise intensity or endurance, set a daily routine and use the power of mindset to stick with it.

7. Challenge Yourself

When using the power of mindset to accomplish future goals, challenge yourself to reap greater rewards. Move beyond your comfort zone, whether you want to get fit, train for a marathon or bodybuilding competition, get a new job, or start a business.

Don't worry about failing.

You'll never succeed if you don't try, and lack of effort can lead to regrets later in life. You might surprise yourself at what you can accomplish using the power of mindset. Visualize your future to accomplish even the most challenging feats.

8. Don't Compare Yourself to Others

While it's often tempting to do so, avoid comparing yourself to other people. However, use other people's successes to set goals for yourself.

Rather than wishing your life was more like somebody else, appreciate the blessings you have in your life and ask other people for advice about how they've accomplished your desired goals.

If you see someone with a physique that you desire, ask them what their daily workout or diet entails. If you meet someone with a career you desire, find out what they did to prepare for and get the job. If you aspire to be an investor or start your own business, talk with other people who have accomplished the goals you have for yourself!

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9. Meditate

Meditation is a highly effective tool in your weight loss mindset. Focus on specific thought patterns when alone in a quiet place without distractions.

Meditation enhances a healthy mind and body. It allows you to use your mind to de-stress and improve your health habits.

Focus on your breathing and use the power of mindset during meditation when relaxing, getting ready for bed, or exercising. To sleep better at night, consider guided sleep meditation right before bed to reduce stressful thoughts and help you clear your mind.

10. Have Detailed Thought Patterns

When using your weight loss mindset to accomplish daily, weekly, or long-term goals, it's important to focus on the details. Use your mind's power to do one more rep, run fast for one more minute, or make better food choices.

Be detailed when envisioning your future, and make lists of how to get from where you are to where you'd like to be.

Focus on the small details and write your step-by-step goals in a journal. Find the drive and determination to make them happen!

11. Be Spiritual

Being spiritual offers an array of health, wellness, and mental health benefits. Studies show that spirituality, paired with healthy behaviors, improves psychological well-being.

Spend time with other spiritual people, and pray to get in touch with your spiritual side. Encourage your family and friends to join!

12. Make To-Do Lists

It's important to put your short- and long-term goals in writing. Make a list of them and look at your goals daily.

Develop a regular schedule, make to-do lists, and develop timelines for accomplishing your goals. Many highly successful people make and use to-do lists!

Check goals off of your list as you accomplish them, and set new targets along your journey when needed. Use a daily planner to stay organized, track fitness and nutrition goals, and not miss meetings and planned activities.

13. Take Baby Steps

Finding the right weight loss mindset for you and your lifestyle won't happen overnight. Take baby steps toward your target workout, diet, weight loss, and other life goals to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

If you're new to exercise, try working out 15-20 minutes per day and increase daily workout times to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or more most days of the week.

Don't attempt to make dramatic changes in diet, exercise, or weight loss all at once.

Make changes a little at a time until you reach your end goals. If your goal is weight loss, aim to drop 1-2 pounds per week until you reach your goal weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends this slower weight loss rate as highly effective for achieving long-term success.

If you need help healthily meeting your goal weight and keeping lost weight off long-term, let the Fit Father Project 30X (FF30X) program guide you!

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14. Develop a Routine

When honing your weight loss mindset, sticking to a daily routine is often helpful. Doing so helps you stay focused physically and mentally.

Set a regular bedtime, allowing yourself at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Exercise at about the same times each day, have regular mealtimes (eat about every few hours), and make time for your job, your friends and family, and active hobbies or house chores.

Establishing a routine, keeping a schedule, and making to-do lists can help you achieve just about any goal you set for yourself.

Every day doesn't have to look exactly like the previous day, and it's OK to veer off your schedule now and then. But have structure and routine in place as much as possible.

15. Don't Expect Perfection

Expecting to be perfect is common, but it produces a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself and your family. No kid, spouse, or parent is perfect, so don't feel like you need to be perfect, and don't expect others to be perfect!

Have realistic expectations about your lifestyle and goals.

Accept your and your family's imperfections, and it's OK if you don't accomplish goals right away! It often takes several failed attempts and time, trial, and error before many people achieve their goals.

16. Accept Past Mistakes

Failure is a common part of life, but the good news is that you can learn from past mistakes and use the power of mindset to make changes and accomplish future goals. Don't give up!

It's OK not to meet every goal you set, especially not right away. Try again or set smaller, more attainable initial goals. Over time, work up to accomplishing more advanced targets. Keep going. You can do it!

17. Enlist Social Support

To effectively use your weight loss mindset to achieve your goals, enlist the help of your social support network. This might include friends, family, co-workers, or Fit Father Project mentors and members who encourage you to stay on track with health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

Recruit your spouse and kids to join you in your health journey so they can reap its many rewards. Work with your social support network to achieve short- and long-term goals. Doing so is a great opportunity to spend quality time together as a family!

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18. Ask For and Take Advice

To maximize the power of mindset, ask for expert advice along the way when you need it! Talk with other people who have accomplished past successes and take their advice.

When joining the Fit Father Project, you can access online health coaching from medical experts and a strong support group of other members that allows you to use positive thinking to accomplish targets you never thought possible.

19. Don't Get Discouraged

Using the power of mindset isn't always foolproof, so don't get down on yourself if you encounter bumps. Every busy dad struggles with parenting, marriage, jobs, friendships, mental health, physical health, and work/life balance from time to time.

Don't get down on yourself for making mistakes along the way or falling short.

Remember that no one is perfect. Don't dwell on past mistakes; forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness from others if needed, and keep moving forward!

Know that many successful people fail, often multiple times, before they achieve their end goals. Make changes to your short-term and long-term targets to ensure long-lasting success!

20. Reward Yourself

While the right mindset is important to achieving your goals, it's often difficult to fully enjoy life without rewarding yourself occasionally.

Find things that bring you joy and allow yourself to indulge in them.

Your rewards might be as simple as buying something new, getting a massage, having a weekly date night with your spouse at a nice restaurant, watching a moving, or reading a good book. Whatever it may be, take time to treat yourself!

And, yes, indulging in small amounts of alcohol or junk food from time to time, or taking a day off from working out, is perfectly fine as long as you practice healthy habits most of the time. Enjoying life to its fullest is as important as hard work and self-discipline.

21. Maximize Health and Wellness

The biggest benefit of the right weight loss mindset is enhanced physical and mental health. You can achieve or maintain exceptional health and wellness in many ways, even if you're a busy dad over 40!

Exercise Daily

Daily exercise is more important than ever, as more than 40% of adults are classified as obese. Even if you have limited time to exercise because of a busy schedule, make exercise a priority — even if it's just for 20-30 minutes a day!

In addition to planned exercise, keep your body moving daily by participating in activities of daily living for at least 45 minutes. This could be walking your dog, cleaning, doing yard work, playing outside with your kids, or running errands.

Daily exercise helps you avoid unplanned weight gain, build muscle mass, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and improve your mood!

If you take a day or two off from exercise each week, it's OK! Just be sure to avoid sitting down for long time periods and keep your body moving as much as possible.

Use the Perfect Plate Method

The Perfect Plate Method is an excellent way to ensure your body gets the nutrients needed to function at its best.

To use this method, do the following:

  • Fill half of your plate of food with non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, asparagus, zucchini, etc.).
  • Fill one-fourth of each plate with turkey, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs, or other protein-rich foods.
  • Fill the other one-fourth of your plate with wild rice, brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, whole-grain pasta, whole-grain cereals, peas, sweet potatoes, corn, dried beans, lentils, or other legumes.
  • Add nutritious fats to meals. Examples include fatty fish like tuna and salmon, olive oil, other plant-based oils, avocados, nut butter, nuts, and seeds.
  • Consume three servings of dairy foods (milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, plain kefir, plant milk, protein shakes, etc.) and two servings of fruit daily whenever possible.

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Drink More Water

Many busy dads don't drink the amount of water their bodies need to function properly, prevent fatigue, and avoid unplanned weight gain.

Drink water often throughout the day (aim for at least 16 cups of fluids daily for men) and keep filtered water with you all day.

Choose water instead of sugar-sweetened drinks like lemonade, sweet tea, soda, and sugar-sweetened sports drinks.

Get Enough Sleep

If you're not sleeping at least 7 hours every night, make it a goal to do so.

Studies show that getting 7 or more hours of uninterrupted sleep each night promotes optimal health in adults. It also boosts your energy, lets you stay mentally alert, helps balance hormone levels, and reduces your risk of unplanned weight gain.

Set a bedtime and sleep in a cool, dark, quiet room.

Don't Smoke

If you're a smoker and struggle to quit smoking, ask your medical provider or behavioral health specialist for help. They might recommend nicotine replacement therapy, smoking cessation programs, cognitive behavioral therapy, medications, or other treatments that improve your chance of success.

If you've been unable to quit smoking on your own in the past, don't give up! It's common to have multiple failed attempts before successfully quitting for good.

Use the power of mindset to know that you CAN quit smoking by making your health and wellness a top priority!

Limit Alcohol

If you're a social drinker and drinking a little bit now and then brings you joy in life, you don't have to give up alcohol entirely. However, it is important to limit or avoid alcohol as much as possible to maintain exceptional health.

Drinking alcohol can cloud your judgment, make you feel tired, and cause certain types of cancer.

Limit drinking occasions to once weekly if you can, or avoid alcohol entirely if you choose this route instead. But don't feel bad about indulging in a drink every now and then, especially if it brings you joy.

Choose light beer or hard alcohol mixed with club soda or water rather than alcohol mixed with sugar-sweetened mixers.

Take Dietary Supplements

Despite following a nutritious meal plan, your diet could still lack sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals, or other essential nutrients.

Ask your doctor which dietary supplements for men you should take to boost your energy levels, avoid nutrient deficiencies, and reduce your risk of health problems.

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Take Time to De-Stress

Relaxation and other stress-reduction strategies are important for your physical and mental wellness for many reasons. They can improve your mood and reduce your risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and other disease risk factors.

Schedule time into your daily routine to de-stress, even if it's just 20-30 minutes daily.

Read a good book, nap, get a massage, try yoga or meditation, watch a movie with your family, or walk outside. Doing so is more important than you might think for your overall well-being!

Focus on Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. And “Man up.” isn't the answer. Using the power of mindset is the perfect way to enhance your mental health and wellness.

Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), ongoing stress, and other mental health struggles are common in busy men over 40.

Don't feel bad about seeking help from professionals to improve your mental health status. Your provider could recommend you try cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups, medications, or other treatments to get your mental health in a place that allows you to live life to its fullest.

Check-in with Your Doctor

Even if you're healthy, seeing your doctor at least once a year is important. Doing so can detect health problems before they become serious.

Attend yearly physical exams and see your doctor if you notice new or unusual physical or mental health symptoms. They can screen you for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, depression, and other common men's health concerns.

Early detection of illnesses, diseases, injuries, or mental health challenges is the best chance you have of making a full, quick recovery.

Make Time for Loved Ones

Being social is important for mental health, so make time even if your work schedule is overly busy.

Spending quality time with family and friends on a regular basis enhances your overall well-being and quality of life.

Make time in your busy schedule to be social with the people you love. Have date nights with your spouse, plan fun family nights, and meet up with or call friends regularly to maintain a strong social support network.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, NMD
Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Founder Fit Father Project, Founder Fit Mother Project

After watching his own Dad lose his health and pass away at the young age of 42, Dr. Balduzzi founded The Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project to help busy dads and moms get and stay healthy for their families.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi holds dual degrees in Psychology & Nutrition from the University of Pennsylvania, a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, and is also a former national champion bodybuilder. He’s is most proud of the fact that he’s helped over 40,000 families in over 100 countries lose weight and get healthy for life.

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*Please know that weight loss results and health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on the power of the right weight loss mindset.

Written by: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi,

Men's Health Doctor & Founder
The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

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