Bench Dips are one of the most overlooked, but most effective triceps exercises on the planet. Bench Dips can be used on their own as a full exercise, or as a ‘burner’ set on the back of another triceps exercise.

bench dipsBench Dips work your triceps and to some degrees your forearm and shoulders.

One of the key form points is to keep your shoulders back and down, and your elbows pinned to your sides.

This makes sure the squeeze remains mostly through the triceps.

Along with most bodyweight exercises, Bench Dips can be done anywhere that you have a raised area, such as a step, a park bench or a low wall.

I have often thrown some bench dips in when we reach a park bench out on a run with clients.

You should make sure you keep a strong core throughout this exercise, by pulling your belly button in and tightening your abs. This will make sure you don’t arch your lower back or lean forward.

Take a look at our video tutorial below where I guide you through the exercise and outline the main technique points of how to do perfect Bench Dips.

If you need something to print off and take to the gym as a reminder, the step-by-step exercise technique is further down this page.

How to Do Bench Dips – Step-by-Step Technique

    • Step 1: Set yourself sitting sideways on a bench and place your hands just outside the width of your hips.
    • Step 2: Lift your backside off the bench, and extend your legs forward so that you are supported by your hands on the bench and resting on your heels on the floor.
    • Step 3: Breathing in, slowly bend at your elbows and lower your body towards the floor, stopping when your arms are at approximately 90 degrees.
    • Step 4: Keep your back as close as possible to the side of the bench and your shoulders pulled back throughout the movement.
    • Step 5: Breathing out, press yourself back up to the start point, slowly locking your arms and squeezing your triceps at the top of the movement.
    • Step 6: Complete the prescribed number of reps, then slowly sit yourself back onto the bench.

**Pro Tip #1: We recommend starting 3 sets of 15-20 reps.**

**Pro Tip #2: If you are just starting out, you can bring your feet closer under your knees, instead of resting on your heels.**

**Pro-Tip #3: If you are more advanced, you can raise your feet up onto another bench, or onto a Swiss Ball.**

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