Building lean muscle requires effort, willpower and a balance between exercise and nutrition. Part of your optimum nutrition will require you finding and using the best supplements for men.

best supplements for men

In our experience, there are no short cuts which are sustainable in the long term.

So, there are several steps you will need to be consistent with before you can start to see significant results.

Learning which are the best supplements for men like you, will be one of those very important steps.

The Most Important Step To Start With.

The first step is the most important and often the most surprising; it is not an intensive weightlifting program!

80% nutrition, 20% workoutIn order to build lean muscle, you need to develop the right attitude and look at your nutrition.

In fact, any successful body composition transformation is usually 80% diet and 20% exercise.

It is the most important element of building muscle and stripping fat, regardless of your age.

However, once you cross the magic 40 threshold there are a variety of best supplements for men that you should be taking to optimise results and performance.

These are not just designed to help you build muscle; they will ensure you stay fit enough and strong enough to complete this old school muscle building program!

What are the Best Supplements for Men?

This guide will give you all the information you need to know in respect of what each supplement is and how it will help you become stronger and fitter.

Creatine Monohydrate

creatine monohydrateCreatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular supplements for building muscle; and with good reason!

It is one of the most highly researched supplements and has many studies showing its numerous positive effects.

Not only is it readily available in meat and fish, but can also be formed naturally by your body; simply by using three amino acids.

Fact: The main energy for muscular contractions is ATP.

ATP is essential when you're exercising; particularly when you are looking to build muscle. It's necessary for the contractions in high-intensity muscle movements.

As the creatine that exists naturally in the body is quickly used up; supplementing with Creatine Monohydrate will help you achieve these contractions for longer.

This means you are able to take your muscles to their limits for longer and build larger, more powerful muscles.


It has been suggested that, in order to get the maximum effect from this supplement, you will need to ‘load’ the creatine to your body.

This means consuming approximately 20 grams per day for 5 days. (Best done as 4 x 5 gram doses)

You can then switch to between 3 to 5 grams per day as maintenance.

By adding it to your nutrition plan in this way, you will quickly be able to lift much more and see a rapid improvement in your lean muscle development.

Of course, doing this alongside these 5 best muscle building exercises will help!

Protein Powders

There are two main types of protein powders you should be adding to your diet.

    • Whey Protein
Protein powderThis supplement is very high on the biological value chart, which is what rates protein sources for absorption rate.

As Protein is the building block of the body, it is essential for building and repairing all tissues, including muscles.

Because most modern diets do not provide enough protein to the body, supplementing with it is very important if you want to build muscle!

This supplement is considered to be a complete protein; simply because it has all nine of the vital amino acids for the human body.

The result? Adequate levels of protein in the body that will ensure you build muscle during a muscle building routine.

It will also help you to build endurance and; an important benefit when changing your diet, is that it can help to reduce your appetite.

This ability to build and repair muscles means it is one of the best supplements for men to partake in before any exercise.

    • Casein Protein
In contrast, casein protein is absorbed much slower into the body. This makes it a good source of protein for after a workout.

Whilst whey provides the energy to complete a workout, casein can provide the protein needed to repair and strengthen your muscles.

It is advisable to drink a glass of casein rich milk before bed to allow this protein to work while you sleep.


best supplements for menGlutamine is an essential addition to the protein powders and your workout.

This is because research has shown glutamine to be able to reduce the amount of muscle you burn during exercise and improve how protein is absorbed by your system.

It is the perfect accompaniment to ensure you lose body fat and not muscle.

It achieves this by promoting a positive nitrogen balance inside your body; just 2 grams can increase your growth hormones level by 400%!


best supplements for menAlthough DHEA is often used by body builders to promote lean body mass, it is actually a naturally occurring nutrient in the body.

But, it has more uses than just one!

In fact, it is reputed to be the main link in over 150 metabolic processes inside your body.

It is produced in the adrenal glands and aids rapid growth of lean muscle and even prevents fat from building.

In addition, this hormone is thought to be excellent at reducing inflammation and helping to prevent a wide variety of stress related diseases.


best supplements for menThe benefit of taking a multivitamin is simple; it ensures your body has all the vitamins it needs on a daily basis to function correctly.

Whilst this will help with muscle building, this is simply because it will help to keep your body balanced and healthy.

This will make sure you are able to do the best muscle building possible.

In effect, adding a multivitamin supplement to your diet will ensure your immune system is working properly and your health is the best it can be.


best supplements for menTaking this as a supplement will provide noticeably faster times for rebuilding and repairing your muscles.

They will assist your body with generating new proteins to feed your muscles after a good workout has depleted them.

It is often said that this is one of the most important and overall best supplements for men.


Taking the right supplements can contribute significantly to faster muscle growth and improved repair and recovery.

These supplements should be taken in the appropriate dose and form part of your balanced diet; this will ensure the hours of exercise you do actually yield a significant increase in your muscle size and strength.

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I thank you and wish you every success in your muscle building journey.

Until next time!

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