Getting In Shape At 40: The Fit Father 5-Point Solution

Written by: Stuart Carter,

Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

Written by: Stuart Carter,

Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

Getting In Shape At 40
If getting in shape at 40 seems like a long shot; this article will be your saving grace!

The Fit Father Project has designed a range of solutions to help you lose weight, build muscle, and feel better than you have in a long time.

We have already helped thousands of men improve their physical fitness and their possibilities for the future. Men who got in shape, not just for themselves but for their families and loved ones, too.

They are the proof that what you want to achieve is possible!

Ready to get in shape just like they did?

In this article, you'll learn about:

    • Why prevention is easier than cure.
    • The Fit Father 5-Point Solution to getting in shape at 40.
    • The keys to building simple and sustainable habits.
    • Getting your body AND mind right.
    • And more!

But before we get into all that, watch this video that lays out the basic principles of getting back in shape at any age.

Welcome To The Fit Father Project – Your New Nutrition and Workout Resource!

At the Fit Father Project, we specifically help busy men over 40 get back in shape by offering free information and resources on our website, backed up with our Fit Father 30X (FF30X) Program.

This article will teach you about getting in shape at 40, but we're here to help you make a whole slew of healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that will last.

Everything we do here at the Fit Father Project aims to simplify eating and exercise for you, so you can get in great shape and stay strong and healthy for your family — without any unnecessary complications.

Sound good? Good. Let's dive in!

Prevention Is Easier Than Cure

getting in shape at 40In the world of medicine, most doctors will agree that it is easier to prevent a disease from happening than it is to cure it.

Unfortunately, this is not always an option when dealing with your fitness.

There are simply too many factors that can ensure you are out of shape before you even realize it.

  • Time – As you get older and your family grows, your free time quickly gets absorbed by so many things on your daily to-do list. Between family responsibilities, work duties, and home maintenance, it can be difficult to maintain a disciplined workout schedule. BUT … you can learn to ‘make' time for your workouts.
  • Metabolism – It is simply a fact of life that as you age, your body changes. Two big changes that have an effect on men's body composition are a slowing metabolism and reduced testosterone levels. These two natural changes will, unfortunately, lead to decreased muscle mass and increased body fat. Therefore, if you continue to eat in the same way as you have always done, this metabolic change will mean you don't naturally shift as many calories as you previously did. BUT … more effective exercise will help to address this metabolic shift and reduction in natural testosterone.
  • Motivation – There are so many different workouts and diet options around these days, and it can be hard to know which one will suit you best. Information overload can often lead to inactivity and a downer to your motivation. BUT … in this article, we'll show you simple and sustainable workout and eating habits that will be manageable and effective over the long term.

The Fit Father 5-Point Solution

It doesn’t need to be complicated or even hard work to start getting in shape at 40 or over.

You will, of course, need to exercise and slightly change your eating plan.

However, you will want to, you will actually enjoy it, and you will not have a problem with finding the time!

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself For Success

You have to believe you're going to succeed in your goal of getting in shape at 40. Without this drive, you will still struggle to develop the healthy habits and lifestyle changes that are essential to finding the new you.

Most men will have a trigger that focuses them on getting into shape. It may be something as simple as wanting to run with your children. It might be a particular photo that shocks you with how you look.

Whatever the trigger is, you need to hold onto this. For example, if one picture has suddenly opened your eyes to the weight you have gained over the years, then keep it with you at all times.

If you ever struggle with motivation, one look at this picture will ensure you are ready to exercise.

2. Give Yourself A Bedtime

You may have thought that you no longer need a bedtime; this is something that you do for children to ensure they get enough sleep (or to make sure you have an evening to yourself).

getting in shape at 40However, you need to get at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night.

The best way to achieve this is to fix your sleep schedule and set yourself a bedtime. When it's getting late, instead of focusing on what's next in your streaming queue or what's going on at work tomorrow, just go to bed!

Of course, you should ask why getting to bed on time matters for getting into shape. Other than possibly giving you an energy boost, it may not feel that important. But it is!

When you sleep, your body balances your hormone levels.

Ghrelin levels decrease when you sleep. As this is the hormone that tells your body when you are hungry, lower levels are good!

At the same time, sleeping increases your levels of leptin, which is the hormone that tells your body you have had enough to eat. In this case, higher levels are what you need.

3. Plan, Prepare, and Pack Your Meals

The Fit Father Project has designed a range of meal plans, which you can sample with our free 1-day meal plan, which will illustrate the sorts of food you should be eating and how easy it is to adjust your eating habits.

getting in shape at 40The first step, which you can take right now, is to stop eating processed foods.

Don’t attempt to do this just for you; think of your family as well.

The eating habits you establish today will build their habits for the future.

To achieve this, you can:

  • Remove processed foods from your shopping and focus on vegetables and lean protein.
  • Create an eating schedule to ensure you eat properly throughout the day.
  • Prepare your meals in advance. This will take away any decisions where you might otherwise select an unhealthy ‘on-the-go' snack.
  • Stick to foods you like. This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet.
1 day meal plan

Here’s A Free Weight Loss Meal Plan For Busy Men 40+

1 day meal plan
Discover exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to lose belly fat & feel energized 24/7 without hard dieting...

4. Start Walking

Although healthy eating will have the biggest effect on getting in shape at 40, you still need to exercise or at least perform some kind of physical activity each day.

There is a simple reason for this: exercise increases the level of lean muscle in your body.
getting in shape at 40
Muscle burns more calories than fat. So, the higher your muscle (and lower your fat), the more calories you can consume without gaining weight.

This does not mean that if you exercise, you can eat what you like! You CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet!

The two factors must work in conjunction.

So, why walk?

Walking is something you already do every day, so it should be fairly easy to increase the amount you do. And you don't need to focus on pedometers, which show you how many steps you have taken.

There is one simple step you can take to ensure you are doing enough physical activity: Walk for half an hour each day.

You can choose to commute on foot instead of driving or take a walk on your lunch break or first thing in the morning.

The important thing is to build a habit of this simple activity. It is the cornerstone of having enough time to introduce more intensive and productive exercise.

5. Build A More Intense Workout

Many websites and people will advise you regarding the best workout you should do. While some of them may have your best interests at heart, not all of them will.

getting in shape at 40Much of the time, the issue is that you do not have the time or motivation to stick to a workout.

Fortunately, by following these guidelines, you will.

Simply replace your habitual walk with the Fit Father 24-minute fat-burning workout.

This workout, along with the many others that you can access through the Fit Father Project, can be achieved in less than half an hour!

It focuses on high-intensity exercises that produce maximum results in the minimal possible time; allowing you to slot it easily into your busy schedule and join the thousands of other men over 40 who have added getting in shape to their achievements; even past 40, 50, or 60!

Here’s a FREE Meal Plan & Workout For Busy Men 40+

We’ll show you exactly what to eat & how to exercise to reignite your metabolism in your 40’s, 50’s & 60’s.

Getting in Shape At 40 is Possible With The Fit Father Project

The Fit Father Project is here to help you.

Start with our free 1-day meal plan and our 24-minute fat-burning workout. Then, check out our FF30X program and start getting in shape today!

So, if this has fired you up to start getting in shape at 40 and become the fittest father on your block, all you need to do is follow the five steps we laid out above.

Getting in shape has never been so easy, and we know you'll actually enjoy it!

Most importantly, you will be there to support your children and even outrun them for years to come.

Stuart Carter, Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

Stuart gained his Diploma in Personal Training & Sports Medicine through Premier Global, back in 2001. In 2018, he completed his Level 1 Precision Nutrition qualification.

Throughout his career in Fitness, Stuart has trained hundreds of clients, worked in almost every position in the industry, and ran his own successful training studio.

After a hiatus away from the Fitness industry, working in Corporate Management and Finance, Stuart returned to what he loves… Fitness! This return led to a chance meeting with Dr. Balduzzi, and a place in the Fit Father Project team.

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*Please know that weight loss results and health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on getting in shape at 40.


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Written by: Stuart Carter,

Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project


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