trx row muscles usedStrong back muscles are beneficial in numerous ways. Unfortunately, these are some of the most commonly neglected muscles. Strengthening your back muscles helps with posture, prevents injury, and eases the load on daily activities.

Also called the inverted row, the TRX row works great for strengthening the back, upper body, and core. The TRX version is an adaptation of traditional inverted rows, but uses a suspension training system instead of a bar.

Use a dip station or secured barbell on a squat rack if you don't have access to a suspension system. Some gyms have gymnastic rings, which also work very well.

TRX Rows Step by Step Instructions

    • Step 1: Anchor the suspension system and adjust the straps to hang just below the knee.
    • Step 2: Grab both handles and make sure they are even.
    • Step 3: Extend your arms and lean back keeping your spine neutral and walk forward.
    • Step 4: Pull yourself up so that the handles touch your body.

** Pro Tip #1:  Keep your body in a straight line throughout the entire exercise.

** Pro Tip #2: Squeeze handles firmly throughout the entire lift.

** Pro Tip #3: Go lower to increase the resistance.

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