Being over 50 means you can't jump into a fitness program in the same way as you would when you were 20, right? There are a few obstacles that need to be recognized, but none of them should prevent you from starting your journey to get fit after 50. In fact, after 50 is the perfect time to up your fitness levels.

You'll not only look and feel better, but more importantly, research shows that regular exercise will help to reduce your risk of age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular issues, and even Alzheimer's.

Strategies to Help with Getting Fit After 50

You need to believe that getting fit after 50 is possible and will make a difference in your life. The following strategies can help you to realize this goal and discover that anything is still possible!

Pick An Activity You Love

get fit after 50Getting fit after 50 means exercising on a regular basis, but it can be challenging to maintain a workout day after day.

That's why it's essential that you choose an activity that you enjoy. Anything that gets your heart pumping is good, whether you opt for swimming, cycling, power walking, or hitting the gym.

In fact, the best approach is to choose several of these activities, as this will work different muscle groups, and help to maintain variety in your daily schedule. This will help to keep boredom at bay and allow you to create an exercise habit.

It can take between 30-60 days to create a habit, but once you have one, you’ll find it easier to exercise than it is not too!

Don’t forget, strength training is as important as cardio work. Strength training sessions will help you to build muscle, which improves your metabolic rate and helps to prevent age-related muscle wastage.

Take One Step at a Time

steps to goals getting fit after 50If you’re new to working out or haven’t done it for years, then you need to remember that you’re over 50. It doesn't matter how enthusiastic you are. Being over 50 means you are at higher risk of injury when exercising for the first time.

For this reason, take it slow. You can start with just 5 or 10 minutes of light exercise and gradually increase the tempo.

Remember, you’re not in a race. This is more like a marathon as you want to be doing it for years to come.

If you’re still struggling with starting your new regime, then consider just getting into your workout gear for the first few times without actually working out.

You’ll notice a change in your attitude towards exercise and start to do a little, after all, you’ve got the gear on!

Enlist a Friend

older men playing soccerMotivation is key to getting fit after 50, and accountability plays equally as important a role.

The best way to take care of both of these elements is to enlist a friend to get active with you.

Both you and your friend must be motivated to get fit for yourselves, not for someone else.

You can then set a joint time to exercise and even compare notes on your eating habits.

This makes you accountable and creates a little healthy competition. The desire to do better than your friend will help to ensure you stick to your new healthy lifestyle.

This is an important point. You’re looking at creating healthy habits that will last for life not join a fad diet.

Everything you do needs to be sustainable and affordable in the long term. This is the best way to ensure your efforts to get fit after 50 bear fruit for the rest of your life.

Schedule It

You should never underestimate the importance of scheduling exercise time.

training schedule getting fit after 50The simple fact is that we live in a busy world and there is always something to do.

Anything else is likely to be more appealing than eating healthily or completing your workout.

That’s why you need to adopt the same approach to exercise as you would any other important event in your life, plan for it.

Create an appointment in your schedule every day; it only needs to be 30 minutes long.

You’ll then know it is coming up. Allowing yourself to be mentally prepared to exercise even when you don’t really feel like it.

You may be surprised at how effective this is at getting you to exercise regularly. It will help you to achieve your getting fit after 50 goals.

Create Small, Achievable Goals

Goals are worth mentioning as they play an important part in your success.

napkin with goals Your overall goal is to be healthier and perhaps lose some weight.

Unfortunately, this can be a little vague, which makes it harder to stick to.

Instead, create yourself mini-goals and reward yourself for reaching them.

For example, if you’re looking to lose weight, set yourself a weekly goal of 2-3 pounds. If you achieve the goal for 4 weeks in a row, reward yourself with a new item of fitness clothing.

Or, if you just want to get fitter then calculate how far you can walk in 15 minutes. You can then set a goal of being able to complete a greater distance in the same time.

If you can do this after a week or two, you can opt for another reward, such as a visit to the cinema.

The aim is to focus on small achievable goals as this will help you to create a habit. It's then hard to break whether you have rewards or not.

Avoid the Obstacles


fastingThis is the most common obstacle and a genuine one. Life is hectic, and the free time you had as a 20-year-old vanishes. Suddenly every minute of your day is spent working, fixing the house, or dealing with children.

It can be extremely hard to find time to exercise.

However, you’re only looking for 30 minutes a day. You may be busy, but how much time do you spend in front of the television every day?

Skip just one show, and you’ll have gained the 30 minutes you need to help you with getting fit after 50.

It really is that simple.


Unfortunately, many older people suffer from bad backs and other age-related issues, such as diabetes or cardio issues.

doctor looking at xraysThese can make it seem impossible for you to start exercising.

However, part of the issue can actually stem from a lack of exercise! This is something you can address with a little help from your doctor.

You’ll need to book a consultation with your doctor to discuss your intended fitness plan and dietary changes.

They’ll be able to advise if this is acceptable and whether there are likely to be any issues.

You'll find they can even suggest tweaks to improve your plans.

With a little professional help, your current state of health shouldn't stop you from getting fit after 50. Everyone's exercise plan will be different, but the important thing is to do something.


money flyingThe theory is that you have more disposal income as you age.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always work in practice, which leaves you potentially unable to afford the gym membership or that healthy diet.

In reality, these are just excuses.

You don’t need to join a gym to get fit after 50. There are plenty of free exercises you can do at, or near, your home.

Check out the FF30X program and be inspired by the array of choices available.

Equally, you don’t need to spend a fortune on “healthy” foods. The real secret to eating better is a combination of choosing the right-sized portions of food and avoiding processed foods.

You can check out the perfect plate approach to eating to see how easy it is to change your eating habits. Or, if you prefer, take a look at this free 1-day meal plan.

With a little effort and a willingness to prepare food in advance, you'll find a healthy diet and exercise plan doesn't cost you any more.

Fit Celebrities Over 50

Modern health care is allowing people to live longer lives. Getting fit after 50 will give you the energy to really enjoy the extra years.

In fact, there are plenty of celebrities who prove this point by staying in great shape.

Daniel Craig

daniel craigAre you ready to argue with James Bond? You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Daniel Craig is actually 51 years old.

Okay, so it’s the low 50’s, but it’s certainly proof that you can be over 50 and in great shape.

There are plenty of much younger men who would be happy to be as fit as him and have a body like his.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnoldMove to the opposite end of the scale, and you’ll see 71-year-old Arnie still promising to be back.

Okay, so he’s been working out for years, but you can’t argue with the results, nor would you want to.

Arnie continues to weight lift and exercise regularly, and this shows in his continued good health.

Tom Cruise

cruiseThis is another extremely famous person who is a fantastic example of being in great shape after 50. Tom Cruise is 56 years old and yet still does his own stunts. If you've seen any of the Mission Impossible films, you’ll appreciate how fit he needs to be.

Of course, these celebrities have all the professional help they need to achieve peak fitness.

But, you shouldn't be using this as a reason not to try getting fit after 50.

Check out this article about Todd Vande to see that it’s not just celebrities that get into great shape after 50; anyone can do it.

The Power of Good Nutrition

get fit after 50The secret to getting fit after 50 is not exercising, although it is an important part of the process. In fact, you need to focus on what you are putting into your body.

The saying “you are what you eat” is true.

If you eat fast food and processed foods all the time, you’re putting an array of chemicals into your body that can significantly affect your health, especially as you age.

selection of healthy food best diet plan for menInstead, as already mentioned, you need to focus on eating whole foods. In other words, unprocessed foods.

This doesn't have to be difficult. You simply need to balance your consumption of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables in every meal

This should give you all the nutrients your body needs. Although, if you’re concerned you’re not getting everything you need, you can always take vitamin supplements.

Final Thoughts

Age is just a number. Join the FF30X today and begin accessing an array of health tips and nutrition options.

weight loss plan for men over 50Alongside the fantastic meal plans, you’ll benefit from advice and support that will have you completing a workout routine virtually effortlessly!

Take your first step today towards getting fit after 50. It’s a journey that never ends but is incredibly rewarding.

Your new friend & health coach,

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on getting fit after 50.