There is no doubt that you’ve done well to lose a large amount of weight. But the unfortunate side effect of your impressive commitment to diet and exercise is the development of loose skin after losing weight.

This can be disconcerting. Having made the effort to lose weight, you deserve to know how to get rid of this loose skin after losing weight.

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The Cause of Loose Skin After Losing Weight

The first thing to do is ignore those that say you should be happy that you’re slimmer and healthier.

loose skin after losing weightYes, you are, but you’ve worked hard to achieve this and have the right to be proud of your new body.

Loose skin is caused when you have been overweight for an extended period of time. Your body pushes muscle and fat against your skin, and this effectively keeps it taut.

Of course, if you’re overweight for an extended period of time, then the skin stretches to accommodate your new size. Unfortunately, as you age, the skin loses some of its elasticity, and it cannot shrink as fast as your body.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of the loose skin after losing weight. You just need to know how.

Before you start, it is worth verifying that the skin is just loose skin and not still part of your body fat. You can do this by pinching your loose skin. If you can grab more than a few millimeters, you are still dealing with body fat.

Build Muscle to Improve Your Physique

The first step in beating the loose skin after weight loss is to start a good workout routine to build muscle. This is something that the Fit Father Project can help with.

man and woman working out loose skin after losing weightBuilding muscle won’t have a direct effect on your loose skin.

But, it will boost your metabolism as muscle burns 6 times as many calories as fat; this will help you to burn off more fat.

It will also increase your size in a positive way, allowing your muscles to push against your skin, potentially increasing the tension on your skin and reducing the amount of sag.

Hydration is Essential

Water is essential to your body. You are 60% water and staying hydrated will ensure all the cells and organs in your body are working at peak efficiency.

water loose skin after losing weightBut hydration can also help with your loose skin after losing weight.

When you drink enough water, your cells are fully hydrated. This encourages the production and release of collagen. You may recognize this name since it is used in many cosmetic procedures to help smooth the skin.

This is because it is critical to elasticity in the skin. The more elastic your skin is, the quicker it takes to return to normal after being stretched.

Aim for 2 liters a day to ensure you are adequately hydrated. Don’t forget that water in your whiskey does count because the whiskey and other alcoholic drinks are actually are diuretics. This means you expel more water than you absorb when drinking alcohol.

It will not help you to stay hydrated.

Consider Your Diet and Add Supplements

You’ve probably spent a lot of time changing your diet in order to achieve your impressive weight loss.

man buying healthy foods loose skin after losing weightNow that you’ve either reached your target or are well on the way to it, you should look at it again.

The Fit Father perfect plate approach is a great way to ensure you are consuming enough protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Protein is an essential ingredient for muscle growth and the production of collagen.

Add some cottage cheese, legumes, milk, nuts, fish, and even seeds into your diet to ensure you are getting enough protein.

It is also a good idea to add some supplements to your diet. There is no miracle cure for your loose skin after losing weight, but these supplements can help your skin to shrink:

  • Gelatin – this has been shown to improve elasticity.
  • Fish Oil – this is essential for good joints but can also aid in your battle against elasticity in your skin. However, it is important to get fish oil that is in triglyceride form since your body more easily absorbs it.

Stop Smoking

no smoking loose skin after losing weightYou already know smoking is bad for you. But if you are still doing it, then there’s another reason to stop, and that is having loose skin after losing weight.

A recent study confirms that just 9 months of non-smoking can reduce the age of your skin by 13 years. Considering smoking generally adds 9 years to your skin, stopping can actually make you look younger than you actually are.

It’s not just a look. Your skin will be healthier and better able to retract to fit your body shape.

Skin Care

Daily exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells and help you to keep bacteria away if you have creases in your loose skin. It can also boost your circulation, which will help this skin to get the nutrients it needs to contract.

You can also take a bath with sea salts and minerals like aloe vera as this will improve your skin tone and tightness.

Creams with vitamins A, C, and E will also help to increase your collagen levels and improve the elasticity of your skin.

Seek Medical Assistance

surgery for loose skin after loosing weight

Surgery to remove the excess skin is an option, but it’s not for everyone. To qualify. you’ll need to show that you have been carrying a large excess of weight for several years. This will have caused the skin to stretch beyond its capability to ‘snap back.’

However, this is still not a miracle cure. While excess skin can be removed, it is common for patients to gain weight during the recovery period; stretching the tightened skin and undoing some of your weight loss achievements.

This should only be considered an approach if you have an extreme case of loose skin after losing weight, and your doctor recommends it as the best way forward.

Lose the Weight, Lose the Skin

In most cases, the loose skin after losing weight will shrink back by itself, but the process can take several years.

In order to speed up this process and to keep the weight loss off, you need to join the FF4L today. You’ll get all the support and advice you need to deal with loose skin after losing weight and hundreds of other issues.

You’re not alone. All our members have been where you are and can help you to become the man you want to be. Join FF4L today and start becoming that man!

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