How To Lose Visceral Fat – It’s Not As Hard As You Think! By Stuart Carter, Men's Health Coach & Head Trainer, The Fit Father Project

Has your progress stalled? Even if you train hard and stick to the right foods, it is still possible to retain fat in a few key areas.  Fear not, the answer is here; learn how to lose visceral fat and develop the body you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you've just started training or whether have been training for some time. The results you seek are possible; you simply need to understand visceral fat and how to lose visceral fat properly.

Of course, a good workout program, such as our FF30X 30 Day Plan, will set you on the right track.

visceral fat

Understanding Visceral Fat

diagram of human with visceral fatVisceral fat is stored around your belly. However, it is not the soft top layer that you can pinch; this is the subcutaneous fat layer. Your visceral fat is much harder to see and identify; it surrounds the organs in your abdominal area and is much firmer to the touch.

Key organs which become surrounded are your liver, intestines, and pancreas. Unfortunately, this affects their ability to function efficiently and has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and even some forms of cancer.

This is one type of fat you need to get rid of!

One thing you should be aware of is that it’s never possible to spot reduce fat. Your body burns fat when it needs energy to support natural functions and daily activity. This results in a gradual loss of fat across your entire body.

Measuring Fat Loss

Visceral fat is always targeted by the body before subcutaneous fat. For that reason, it may be harder to spot weight loss.

use a measuring tape to lose visceral fat

But, all you need to do is measure your waist. If your waist is getting smaller, you're losing the visceral fat.

It's not an exact science but works well for practical purposes.

There are more complex ways of measuring visceral fat, such as measuring your fasting triglycerides (typically done by a healthcare professional or specialist).

Risks of Excess Visceral Fat

It is essential to understand that being slim is associated with low visceral fat. No matter what size you are it is useful to know how to lose visceral fat.

As mentioned above you can assess your visceral fat level by measuring your waist. Start by taking the measurement at the top of your hip bones, and then measuring your hips; including the largest part of your butt. Divide your first figure (around the hips) by your second. Men are considered healthy if this figure is below 1.

Visceral fat, no matter what size you are, equates to a list of potential health issues. This is why you need to learn how to lose visceral fat today.

How To Lose Visceral Fat

You know it’s bad for you, you know you want to get rid of it, so here’s how to lose visceral fat and feel better than you ever have:

Tip # 1 – Diet

Stop eating processed foods which are loaded with trans fats and sugars.

how to use visceral fat with a healthy diet

If you haven't already, try our 1-day meal plan to give you an idea of a healthy approach to eating.

Prepare your meals at the beginning of the week to avoid temptation and stick to them.

More importantly, look at your calorie intake.

To lose any fat, including visceral fat, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn.

Our FF30X 30 Day Plan contains a full meal plan and grocery list, so you can eat healthy throughout the program and beyond.

visceral fat

Tip # 2 – Sort Your Exercise Plan

Developing a regular habit of physical activity is good. If you’ve already been doing this, you’ve probably seen some initial weight loss results. But for better results in the long term, your body will respond better to a higher intensity workout plan.

lose visceral fat by changing the routine

Changing your routine will challenge your body more, making it work harder. You also need to place an emphasis on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Basically push your body to the limit in short bursts, such as a 30-second sprint followed by a 90-second walk. Then repeat 5 or 6 times.

The same approach should be used in weightlifting. Use heavier weights with a lower number of reps. You will build muscle faster and burn fat more efficiently. Just remember to keep your rest breaks between sets short.

It is worth noting that building muscle is helpful. Muscle burns five times the number of calories that fat does. This means you will burn more calories for every additional pound of muscle you have on your body. Assuming you don’t eat, more of these calories will come from your visceral fat stores.

Tip # 3 – Remove Stress To Discover How To Lose Visceral Fat

lose visceral fat with stress releaseStress is a useful part of exercising. It stimulates your body and allows you to lift more or train harder. However, you probably lead a stressful life. Between sorting out the children, keeping the wife happy, and managing a difficult boss, you may be stressed most of the time.

There is no easy answer to removing these stresses. There are all sorts of situations that we are unable to walk away from. Meditation and breathing exercises can definitely help reduce your stress levels.

We can lose help our body burn more fat by lowering our stress levels. Stress produces the hormone cortisol in your body. This tells your body to be ready to react. In the process, it shuts down some of the normal processes and focuses on getting your muscles ready to move.

Part of this involves storing fat, so chronically high levels of cortisol will lead to ongoing fat gain.

In short, long-term stress encourages your body to store visceral fat! Cut the stress and lose the fat.

Tip # 4 – Intermittent Fasting

The use of fasting to lose visceral fat requires you to stop eating occasionally.

lose visceral fat with intermittent fasting

You can fast for one or two days per week, and you should time these days to match your ‘rest’ days.

There is no reason not to exercise on a fasting day, but you may struggle to complete a high-intensity workout.

When fasting, the body changes its level of hormones. It makes it easier for your body to access the fat stores and turn them into energy. This, combined with exercise, will ensure that you burn visceral fat much faster.

Along with losing visceral fat, the benefits fasting can improve insulin sensitivity, which increases the amount of growth hormone and promotes cellular repair.

Fasting is a natural method of weight control. Only the modern man is as lucky enough to have three or five square meals a day!

Tip # 5 – Sleep

Just as lowering stress reduces the cortisol in your body, a good night’s sleep will reduce this fat encouraging hormone too.

lose visceral fat with more sleep

It can also reduce your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer during the day.

This is great news, although you may struggle to find the time to get enough sleep!

Your target should be between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night. This will allow your body to regulate all its systems and encourage muscle growth and repair.

The result is you will feel more energetic and your body will be better able to burn your visceral fat; improving your look and your overall health.

Summary of How To Lose Visceral Fat

Losing visceral fat is difficult because it is hidden away. Progress may be hard to track, but by following these methods, and monitoring the measurement of your waistline, you can prove you're on the right track.

Once you start to lose subcutaneous fat you know you have succeeded in shifting a good amount of the visceral fat. The same methods for how to lose visceral fat will work to reduce your subcutaneous fat, transforming your look!

No matter how long you have been training for, you can achieve your goal. Simply revisit your methods and contact us for support; many of our members have already been through your journey.

They and I are here to help you on every step of your journey. Together you won’t just know how to lose visceral fat, you can actually achieve it!

Your new friend & health coach,

stuart-headshotStuart Carter
Head Training Staff, The Fit Father Project

Brotherhood Nickname: “The Fit Brit”
Bragging Rights: 16 Years in the fitness industry, Author of ‘The Easy Fitness Guide', Father of 4 boys and Husband to a Venezuelan beauty.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on conditioning workouts.