Morning Stretch Routines To Start Your Day Right!

Written by: Stuart Carter,

Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

Written by: Stuart Carter,

Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

morning stretch routines

Did you know that morning stretch routines can help you to improve your fitness levels and flexibility?

You know that stretching before exercise is essential to help prevent injury.

But, your morning stretch routines can help energize your body and set you up for the day.

It can be challenging to add stretching into your busy morning ritual.

This guide will show you how to do it right.

Keep reading to learn the importance of stretching and some great morning stretch routines to add to your day!

Here are 10 stretches that you should do every day!

Why Stretch in the Morning?

Sleeping allows your body to relax.

But this is not always enough to correct your poor posture during the day!

This is particularly true if you spend a lot of time sitting.

Morning stretch routines are the perfect way to correct your posture and start the day how you mean to carry on!

You’ll also find that morning stretch routines can assist you in eliminating the aches and pains that often accompany getting out of bed in the morning.

But that’s not all!

Morning stretch routines are a great way to get the blood flowing.

This improves the supply of oxygen to your organs and muscles, preparing them for action.

The brain is included in the process, which means stretching can actually kick start your concentration for the day!

Stretching is vital for maximizing your range of motion.

It can take your focus off the day ahead, reducing stress and allowing your body to function properly.

Of course, stretching is also important before you exercise to reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.

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Morning Stretch Routines to Get You Started

The key to your morning stretch routines is to keep it simple.

Ideally, you should be able to jump out of bed and complete 5-10 stretches in approximately 10 minutes.

This will be enough to make a difference in your daily life and have a surprising effect on your fitness levels!

The Neck Stretch

Your neck can get stiff after sleeping, but also when sitting at a computer all day.

The neck stretch is a simple but effective move to hale alleviate the stiffness.

  • Tip your right ear towards your shoulder, gently pushing it down with your right hand.
  • At the same time, reach for the floor with your left hand.
  • Return and repeat the other side.

Chest Release

  • Place both arms behind your back with hands interlocking.
  • Keep your arms straight and pull them up slightly as you pull your shoulders back.
  • You’ll feel the stretch in your chest.

Upper Back

  • Now put your hands together straight out in front of you and move your chin to your chest.
  • Then pull your shoulders together while raising your hands slightly.

The Side Stretch

  • Your feet will need to be hip distance apart.
  • Put your arms above your head and use your right hand to grab your left wrist.
  • Then bend to the right side and feel your left stretching.
  • Repeat in the other direction.

Yoga Cat

  • You’ll need to put your knees and hands on the floor.
  • Tuck your chin into your chest and arch your back upwards.
  • Hold for several seconds before inverting the stretch and repeat.

Hip Flex

  • You will need to adopt a lunge position.
  • It is essential to keep your back straight.
  • Lean forward slightly, and you’ll feel your hip stretching on the same side as your low knee.
  • Repeat on the other side!

The Cobra

This is another yoga stretch.

  • You’ll need to lie on the floor, face down.
  • Your hands should be flat on the floor just in front of your shoulders.
  • Push up with your arms to straighten them.
  • Keep your waist on the floor and go as high as you can without feeling pain.

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The Do's of Stretching

While stretching is critical it is crucial to understand that even stretching has risks!

To ensure you get the most from your morning stretch routines you should do the following:

  • Focus. Focusing on the area you’re stretching will help to ensure you are moving the correct muscles and completing the exercise correctly.
  • Target. It is essential to be aware of your body and specifically which muscles are tight. This will ensure you choose morning stretch routines that target the correct muscle groups.
  • Push It. The point of stretching is to push your body. It’s okay to feel the stretch; it’s not OK to put yourself in severe pain.
  • Stick With It. It might not feel like your morning stretch routines are having an effect, but they are. Perseverance is vital as your flexibility and even fitness will improve slowly.
  • Closed Chain. A closed chain stretch exerts pressure on the soles of your feet or on the palms of your hands.  These types of movements create a strong reflex extension and will improve your flexibility far quicker than open chain exercises.

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The Don'ts of Stretching

Of course, there are several things that you shouldn’t do!

  • Time Limit. You should never hold an intense stretch for longer than 15 seconds; this will deprive your muscles of oxygen. The consequence of this is a buildup of connective tissue, which will weaken your muscles and actually decrease your flexibility!
  • Reversing The Stretch. If you stretch a muscle, such as your lats, by hanging off a bar, then don’t reverse the motion and pull yourself back up. This will ruin the effect of the stretch!
  • Hold Your Breath. Part of the reason that yoga should be part of your morning stretch routines is that it ensures you focus on breathing. You should never hold your breath while stretching; this will tense your muscles. Breathe out slowly while stretching to maximize the effect.

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Stuart Carter, Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

Stuart gained his Diploma in Personal Training & Sports Medicine through Premier Global, back in 2001. In 2018, he completed his Level 1 Precision Nutrition qualification.

Throughout his career in Fitness, Stuart has trained hundreds of clients, worked in almost every position in the industry, and ran his own successful training studio.

After a hiatus away from the Fitness industry, working in Corporate Management and Finance, Stuart returned to what he loves… Fitness! This return led to a chance meeting with Dr. Balduzzi, and a place in the Fit Father Project team.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on morning stretch routines.

Written by: Stuart Carter,

Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1
C.O.O., The Fit Father Project

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