Single leg calf raises are one of the best ways of building your calf muscles.

muscles used single leg calf raisesPerforming calf raises on a regular basis will give your upper body the support it needs to complete a wide variety of activities.

They require no equipment and virtually no space, and anyone can do them. They really should be near the top of the list of best exercises.

But, as easy as it sounds, you’ll be surprised by how many people can’t even complete 20 on each leg!

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The Importance of Multi-Type Exercise

Strong calf muscles are essential for many different exercises and day to day activities. They will also be less prone to injury and give you better bursting power.

Alongside this, it is important to undertake an array of compound exercises, such as the dumbbell squat, which works a combination of muscles.

Larger calf muscles can actually help you burn more fat on a daily basis. You’ll also benefit from improved balance and coordination. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Step By Step Guide To Single Leg Calf Raises

Follow these steps to perform perfect single leg calf raises.

Remember, the emphasis should be on form. Quality is definitely better than quantity.

    • Step 1: Start by standing on a block of wood, step stool, or small platform. You’ll need to choose which foot to start with, then place the ball of that foot on the raised surface.
    • Step 2: Next you’ll need to bend your other leg at the knee and hook your foot around the calf of your standing leg, resting all of your weight on one leg. Straighten the target leg and stretch out the calf for a moment before beginning.
    • Step 3: Hold on the wall to maintain balance throughout the exercise.
    • Step 4: You now need to keep your standing leg straight and lower the heel towards the floor, but don't touch the floor. Hold for 1-2 seconds before returning to the up position.
    • Step 5: Slowly push yourself upwards using the ball of your standing foot. Your leg must remain straight as you move onto your toes. Go as high as you can and hold for 1-2 seconds. Squeeze your calf as you hold the top position.
    • Step 6: Slowly glide back to the starting position, ready to repeat the single leg calf raises. You should be aiming to complete 15-20 reps before switching to the other foot.

** Pro Tip #1: Squeeze the calf and hold at the up and down positions.

** Pro Tip #2: To start, complete this exercise with 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps.

** Pro Tip #3: Use a dumbbell for additional resistance.

Summing It Up

Single leg calf raises require no equipment, although dumbbells can always be added.  This makes single leg calf raises the perfect exercise to do when you have a few minutes spare.

single leg calf raisesIt is also worth noting that if this is too difficult to start with, then you can place the balls of both feet on a stair to complete the exercise.

As soon as you feel capable, you can then move to single leg calf raises.

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