Tricep Pushups are a great finisher exercise for really burning out your triceps after you have completed your main routine. This will help to break them down, which will lead to bigger growth and more strength.

tricep pushupsBuilding your triceps is super important if you are looking to get big arms. As the triceps have 3 heads and makes up more of your arms girth, these are the right muscles to work for sleeve ripping guns.

The additional strength you build by working your triceps will help with other exercises like Bench Presses and normal pushups. Triceps are involved in these exercises too, so the stronger your triceps, the bigger these lifts.

In this tutorial and related video, I'll show you the proper technique of the exercise, so you can complete it with confidence and safety.

Completing the exercise properly will mean the best results for you while avoiding the potential of injury.

There are a few variations of this exercise, which I show you in the video. You can do them on a slam ball/medicine ball, a BOSU or a stability ball.

You can also do them on the floor with your hands positioned inside your shoulder width or with your hands in a diamond formation.

We have a full video tutorial below to show you the fine form points of the exercise. Also, if you need something to print off and take to the gym, you can find our step-by-step exercise walkthrough further down this page.

Tricep Pushups – Step-by-step technique

    • Step 1: Place your hands on whatever surface you have chosen, making sure they are inside your shoulder width.
    • Step 2: Set your feet back so you are in a pushup position with your back flat and your core held tight.
    • Step 3: Breath in as you lower your chest down towards your hands, keeping your elbows close into your sides.
    • Step 4: Breathing out, push your body back up to the start point, squeezing your triceps at the top of the movement and locking your arms.
    • Step 5: Repeat the exercise to failure.

** Pro Tip #1: We recommend completing this exercise at the end of your workout, as a burn-out to failure.

** Pro Tip #2: Try the different variations as I show in the video, to find the best one for you.

To learn more exercises that you can use in your training, visit our complete exercise library on the Fit Father Project YouTube channel.


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