2-Point Superman Exercise – Full Video Tutorial & Form Guide

2-Point Superman Exercise – Full Video Tutorial & Form Guide
by Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Founder and Men’s Health Coach, The Fit Father Project

The 2-point superman exercise is a great core stability movement that works your abs, core, glutes and shoulder muscles. It is a Pilates exercise, so is great for helping your posture.

Although it is a slow and controlled movement, done correctly, you will definitely feel it in your underlying ab muscle (transverse abdominis) throughout the exercise. To engage this muscle, you need to pull your belly button in and tighten.

The most important part of this exercise is to keep a flat back position. It may take some practice, but that is the essence of this exercise.

It is designed to challenge you to keep balanced and flat as you move 1 arm and the opposite leg up into a straight position.

Take a look at our video tutorial below, to see the fine form points of this exercise and if you need something to print off and take to the gym, you can find our step-by-step exercise technique further down this page.

2-point superman exercise – Step-by-step technique

  • Step 1: Start by getting into a tabletop position, resting on your hands and knees, with your knees at 90 degrees and directly under your hips. Breathe in.
  • Step 2: As you breathe out, pull your belly button back and slowly raise 1 arm and the opposite leg as high up as you can, to a flat position.
  • Step 3: At this top point, your hips and shoulders should be square and your back should be flat.
  • Step 4: Breathe in as you slowly lower your arm and leg back to the start. Repeat using the opposite arm and leg to your first rep.

** Pro Tip #1: We recommend you start with 10 reps on each side. **

** Pro Tip #2: As you complete the exercise, keep your core strong to protect your lower back. If you start to twist or your back sags, stop the exercise.

To learn more exercises that you can use in your training, visit our complete exercise library on the Fit Father Project YouTube channel.


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Written by Stuart Carter
I'm Stuart, one of the head trainers here at The Fit Father Project. Having been an overweight teenager, I got into regular activity at the age of 18 and after a few years decided to make a living from it.  I've been a trainer since 2001, and my passion lies in helping men get & stay healthy for life. I'm the author of ‘The Easy Fitness Guide’ and I joined the Fit Father Project in 2016 to help more men lose weight and live healthier for their families. My Twitter: @3sdfitness.