trx spiderman push-upThe TRX Spiderman Push-up is an amazingly simple exercise for building upper body strength. It also happens to be one of the better workouts for strengthening your core. While the exercise is very similar to regular push-ups, Spiderman's version adds a slight twist.

Adding these to your routine will not only cure any boredom you may have had, but will also kick up the intensity and work muscles you didn't know you had.

TRX Spiderman Push-up – Step-by-Step Technique

To begin, secure the TRX suspension so that it hangs around 18 inches from the ground. Get into the push-up position and place one foot in the stirrup. Starting in the up position, bring the free leg forward and down with the rest of your body.

There are three different levels of this exercise. Watch the video below for complete tutorial.

    • Level of Difficulty: Easy – The foot can touch the ground in either the starting and ending positions.
    • Level of Difficulty: Intermediate – The food is elevated when the body is in the up position, but touches the ground in the down position.
    • Level of Difficulty: Hard  – Foot stays elevated during the entire exercise.

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Choosing Your Rep Level

It is important to choose a rep level that pushes your current limits. High intensity exercises are proven to boost testosterone levels and increase the amount of growth hormone in your body.

Try to aim for 10 reps and repeat this 3 times. Should this prove too easy for you then it will be time to adopt one of the advanced forms or to increase the number of reps you are aiming for.

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