There are hundreds of different diet options available on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. In fact, to lose weight successfully, you actually need to monitor your calorie intake. Of course, that will lead you to ask how many calories should a man eat to lose weight?

But, before diving into the details of calorie counting and how many calories should a man eat to lose weight, it is essential to understand that the quality of the food you eat makes a big difference to your weight gain or lose. A recent study confirms this.

balanced plate how many carbs should a man eat to lose weightIn short, building a better diet means focusing on foods that are natural. Adopting the perfect plate method is a great way to portion out the macronutrients you eat. You can even check out some great meal ideas by looking at the free 1-day meal plan.

Once you start thinking about what you’re eating, you’ll find that losing weight is easier, especially if you have the support and structure of the FF30X program.

Average Daily Calorie Consumption

In basic terms, you need to eat fewer calories than your body needs. This will leave you with a calorie deficit. If you’re not eating enough calories, your body will have to find those calories somewhere else. The body accomplishes this by burning excess fat, which was stored for that very purpose.

how many calories should a man eat to lose weightThe average man needs to consume 2,500 calories a day. To lose weight, a man should eat less than 2,500 calories.

However, just as all diets are not created equal, nor are all men’s calorie counts. You need to find out what your maintenance calories are with this calculator.

Your maintenance calories are a personal figure based on your lifestyle, job, and activity level. The more active you are, the more calories you’re likely to be burning each day.

This is why it is important not to just assume you need 2,500 calories, when you may only need 2,300 or some other amount. If you don’t know your maintenance calories, then you can’t work out how many calories you should eat to lose weight.

How Many Calories Should A Man Eat To Lose Weight?

The most common answer to this question is 2,000. A reduction of 500 calories a day will allow your body to burn one pound of fat a week.

how many calories should a man eat to lose weightHowever, as mentioned above the real answer to how many calories should a man eat to lose weight is 500 less than your maintenance amount.

This chart can help you to get an idea regarding how calorie consumption changes with age and activity.

Calorific Burn Of Specific Exercises

Exercises will help you to burn more calories, but that doesn't mean you can consume a lot more food or calories.

In truth, most exercises do not burn a huge number of calories. What they do is increase your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more throughout the day. They can also increase your muscle mass. As muscle burns 5 times more calories than fat, this is a good thing!

This will give you an idea of how many calories are burned through specific exercises. Again, this should be used to help you lose weight faster and become healthier. You still need to know your maintenance calories, and the answer to the question of how many calories should a man eat to lose weight is still 500 below this.

These figures are based on a 150-pound man. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories:

calories exercise chart how many calories does a man need to lose weight

Running for one hour will help you to burn 590 calories. That’s great to help you lose weight, although you must also stay hydrated while exercising! As you can see, exercise can burn a significant number of extra calories. But the real benefit is the increase in your metabolism and muscle mass, which keeps this calorific burn higher throughout the day.

Know Your Food

However, running for one hour doesn't mean that you can continue with your current diet. What you eat has much more say on your weight loss results than the amount of exercise you do.

cupcake with calorie count how man calories should a man eat to lose weightThe problem that many men have when establishing how many calories they should eat to lose weight is that they eat extra because they are exercising.

While you may need the additional energy boost, this attitude will have you sabotaging your weight loss efforts before you start.

Once you understand the calories in some common foods you’ll see why looking at what you eat is crucial to getting your calorie count right and achieving your weight loss goals.

By themselves, many of the above numbers do not seem too high. But, if you’re in any doubt regarding how many calories you are currently consuming, then keep a food log for one week.

calories food how many calories

Simply record everything you eat each day and then put the calories next to it. You’ll be surprised by just how much it adds up.

Current estimates show the average American man eats 3,600 calories a day!

Take The Next Step Today

There are two parts to losing weight effectively and successfully. The first step is to move away from processed foods and start making your own meals. Preparing the week’s meals in advance can help you to stick to your meal choices. The free 1-day meal plan can give you inspiration regarding what to prepare.  You can also adopt the perfect plate method to help you maintain balance in your diet.

The second part of how many calories a man should eat to lose weight is knowing that you’re aiming for 500 less than your maintenance amount. Once you've established this figure, you know what you are working towards and can join the FF30X program today. There’s a heap of advice to help you improve your dietary choices.

But, most importantly, there is the support of other men who have been where you are and are still there today. This support is crucial to your success in losing the weight and becoming the man you want to be.

Don’t delay, try the FF30X today! You’ll be surprised at how much difference it makes.

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